Youth Entrepreneurial Development Key to Economic Growth

Skill development and capacity building of the young people is key for the success of youth entrepreneurial development as well as it is the sole way forward for the poverty and unemployment elimination from society. Although Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) led government is paying special attention towards both the areas with key objectives of higher economic growth and financial progress through expansion of entrepreneurial activities in economic and industrial sectors with enhanced involvement and engagement of youth. Continuation of current moment of progress on these sectors will definitely result in increasing the tune of exports tantamount to bridging the trade and current account deficits.

Moreover, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is fluxing job opportunities in bulk quantum in almost all the development and social sectors. Therefore, to meet the ever increasing requirements of CPEC’s fully skilled developed labor and technical force, the government is required to focus on the skill development and capacity building of youth. In this regard, specially designed career summits, conferences, refresher courses as well as workshops and seminars can play due role in motivating the youth to get ready to grab the upcoming job opportunities. Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) through its subsidiary publications the ‘Melange International Magazine’, ‘Melange TV’ and daily ‘The Asian Telegraph’ has been playing due role in bringing the emerging socio economic scenario in notice of concerned quarters. In this connection, COPAIR has taken lead by launching Startup Pakistan initiative. This initiative is purely designed to motivate youth become more and more innovative by creating inspiring ideas and concept to materialize their dreams.

Moreover, COPAIR also creates awareness among the youth entrepreneurs about learning business model design through visual thinking, creating value, reaching target customer, devising market strategies, revenue generation, avoiding traditional fundraising as well as connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs from your community through conferences, seminars and other related activities. These activities produce revenue and avoid the need for traditional fundraising, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from your community. Worthy Readers! October Edition of Melange International Magazine is in your hands to quench your reading appetite. This edition carries special reports, analyses, synopses as well as articles about the current important national and international developments. Moreover, there is a lot for the economics and business related people in this magazine as it carries out special reports about major business and economic international and domestic developments and emerging trends.

Published in Melnage Intl. Magazine in October 2018.

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