Youth Engagement Dialogue

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), Islamabad hosted an online webinar, titled “Youth Engagement Dialogue”. The program is organized with the collaboration of COPAIR and Centre of Information Technology (CIT), and it was an initiative taken under the umbrella of project “HUM SUB KA PAKISTAN”. Underneath the project, a digital school has been set up which offers free webinars on subjects of Information Technology and Cybersecurity for the youth of constituency. The webinar commenced with the welcoming remarks of Ms Amna Malik, President COPAIR. She thanked the panellists and participants for attending the webinar and contributing in the national cause. Ms Malik underlined the purpose of the ongoing session by stating that youth will decide the future of Pakistan, which is why we entitled today’s session as “Youth Engagement Dialogue”. In this session, she shared the takeaways from a recent webinar where young peacebuilders talked about their experiences in promoting youth participation in the dialogue for an inclusive development of nation and the indispensable role of youngsters in uplifting the socio-economic outlook of their country.

  1. Mohammad Awais Malik, moderator of the session said that, “youth of any country is an investment and their constructive role is crucial for the development of any nation. Case of Pakistan is no different in this regard.”
  2. Neiha Waseem, Member Standing Committee on Accountability and Discipline (PTI) also shared her experience as a professional lawyer and the inspiration she drew from the decades long struggle of our Prime Minister Imran Khan. Ms Neiha is also a part of the PTI Women Wing and she stressed that focusing on the women education and equal employment opportunities for the women is a key focus of the incumbent government. She added that young women are face challenges in all walks of life but are often seen as victims of violence rather than active participants. Highlighting the significance of COPAIR initiative, she said that the training provided by these dialogues would allow young women to openly voice their opinions, in addition to the advocacy of their equal input in decision-making. This platform of COPAIR will lead to the development of a strong cohesive bond of women with different stakeholders and leaders in the community. She added that such programs have potential to function as the channels of confidence building and women empowerment as they provide women a platform where they can speak on the subjects of their concern.
  3. Misbah Waheed is a Program Director NICON Talent Hunt and she is a student of Media Studies at Riphah International University. Ms Misbah said that she commenced the Punjab Youth Organisation, which aims to play a vital role in the development of Pakistani youth. She emphasized that our students lack practical approach during the degree programme at the universities but it is essential for their personal and national development. She was of view that in order to render our young ones as intellectual, there is a need to follow the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  4. Mohammad Ali Soomro, an Anchorperson at Hum News said that, “there are bundle of opportunity for youth in Pakistan and their zeal is appreciable as we see them at the front foot in hour of need like flooding, disaster etc”. He also mentioned the contributions of the Tiger Force in the crucial times of pandemic. Mr Soomro added that most of the youth belongs to rural areas of Pakistan, there is a need to explore the hidden talent, and it is opportune to develop our youth for the coming digital and modern era. He stressed the role of media for the youth development and especially the role of social media in raising awareness and imbibing a sense of national kinship. He concluded by recognize the value of the COPAIR Digital Platform for youngsters, which will act as a channel of growth and development for Pakistani youth.
  5. Habib Orakzai, the President Insaf Welfare Wing said that the independent nations celebrate their national days together to tell the world that they are prosperous and thriving. He also highlighted the speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan in UN assembly focusing on the issue of Kashmir and hinted towards the plight of their younger generation who were born and bred in the warlike situation. Mr Orakzai applauded the efforts of Imran Khan in the pandemic and his calling of youth to form a Tiger Force, which helped those in dire need of the assistance during these tough times. He also mentioned the leadership crisis our country faced before Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan and emphasized that soon PTI government will start Youth Development Programmes across the country which may include the Job Training Centers etc.

Youth Engagement Dialogue was organized with an aim to develop a platform for young peacebuilders and civil society for sharing their experiences and mentoring the young ones for their future ambitions. He concluded by pondering on the subject of harnessing the IT and such platforms like COPAIR for the amplification the involvement of young ones for the betterment of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zinda Baad, Pakistan Paindabad

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