XI JinPing, The President of People’s Republic of China: The Statesman of the Decade

Who could have imagined that the young boy working in the rural fields of Shaanxsi province, smiling and chatting with the peasants, would one day rise to slot of the President of the Republic of China? Perhaps the local laborers and peasantry knew it as the young man was very popular among them because of his hard work, temperament and love for his land and the people. Son of Xi Zonghxun, once a Deputy Prime Minister of China rose to prominence after a big struggle. It was in difficult times that sparks of his talents started to shine. When his reformist father faced problems in his government, the young Xi Jingpin was asked to leave the luxury life of Beijing and go to work in the agricultural fields in 1969. The young man neither disappointed the peasants, nor his father. The smile with which he greeted the peasants is still there on his face, when he has become the President of one of the biggest country in the world. He has proved that a smile mere can win many worlds.

Although a chemical engineer, Xi Jingpin very well knew the chemistry of politics, as he had grown up seeing his father struggle for just cause and honorable stance in the government. He thus knew what had been the value of hard work and sincerity of purpose. His father’s political life gave him a lesson to be prudent and his ambitions to contribute for his country started to materialize as soon as he joined Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 1974. During this time he had the opportunity to work with Geng Biao, the Minister of Defense in the National Government and this experience surely broadened his vision. Thereafter Xi Jinping never looked back; in 1982 he worked as the Deputy Secretary of CCP in Hebei Province, in 1985 he became Vice Mayor of Xiamen in Fujan Province, in 1995 he became Deputy Provincial Party Secretary and in 1999 he became the governor of Fujan. He rose to eminence on the national horizon as a promising politician. It was in Fujan province that he found his beautiful and melodious wife ‘Liyuan’ who continues to add rhythms in his life.

His selection as the member of Standing Committee of the CCP’s Political Bureau in 2007 was a breakthrough in his political career. With this development he became a potential candidate as the successor of President Hu Jintao. In 2008, he was elected Vice President of PRC and he impressed his countrymen with his understanding of the international relations during this time. At that time the national leaders were looking up towards him with hopes and new possibilities. Soon he was entrusted with the office of the Secretary General of the CCP. And on March 14, 2013, he was elected as the President of the one of the most important republic in the world. What an impressive political journey this has been!

President Xi Jinping has lived up to the expectations of his people and the country. He is a dreamer himself and he has seen big dreams for his country.  The first target he chose to fight after his elevation as President of PRC was ‘corruption’. The decision to eliminate corruption from the echelons of government reflects his sagacity and wisdom as a global leader. He wants to take China to new heights that are rightful and clean. China’s economic corridor project is another of his dream about changing the fate of the region through economic cooperation. The foreign policy designs imagined by him have certain big implications. The policies and results of decisions made by him have indicated that the full moon of China will soon shine on the skies of the world.

A proactive and balanced foreign policy based on the philosophy of ‘peaceful development’ is the mark of his rule. It is President Xi Jinping’s genius that he has  introduced a foreign policy vision that guarantees a ‘win-win’ situation for China, its neighbors and even its competitors. Though priorities concerning defence designs have not been neglected, Chinese diplomacy has successfully secured country’s regional prominence. The military might of PRC, by taking advantage of the Period of Strategic Opportunity (POSO) has focused on development of strategies and skills to cope with both future challenges. POSO is likely to continue during the tenure of President Xi Jinping till 2020; if it does, Xi Jinping’s efforts would for a regional development dream bear fruits and if it doesn’t, China is ready to cope with threats. Taking inspiration from Deng Xiaoping, he has brought the country on the road to progress and juncture where they can celebrate and claim glory of their power in international relations.

Economic cooperation has been one of the prominent features of Xi’s foreign policy vision. His emphasis on Free Trade Area of Asia Pacific (FTAAP) has given new dimension to discourse on peace and development in the region. Xi’s commitment to New Silk Road and China Pakistan Economic Corridor has authored a new era of relationship between Pakistan and China. The two countries share the common approach in global and regional developments and the joint ventures in trade and investment have further strengthened their relationship. Chinese President’s maiden visit to Pakistan on 19 April 2015 was termed by Pakistani Prime Minister as watershed in history of Pak-China relations.  The Pakistani Premier, Mian Nawaz Sharif during the meeting looked into the eyes of the Chinese President who had smile on his face and said, “Together with President Xi we have taken momentous decisions that will raise Pakistan-China relations to new heights and have deep impacts for our common economic future, peace and stability in the region.”

The article has been contributed by Mélange team. melangeisb@gmail.com

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