Wang Yi: A Dynamic and Seasoned Foreign Minister of China

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi has a repute as a vivid and suave diplomat. He is also a wise mediator with enough options in his pocket.  He has been the foreign minister of China since March 2013.  Previously served as China’s Vice Foreign Minister, Ambassador to Japan and Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office. Wang Yi is also a State Councilor since March 2018, along with a member of the 19th CPC Central Committee and a member of the Leading CPC Members Group of the State Council. He was born on 19 October 1953 in Beijing. In September 1969 after graduating from high school, he moved to Northeast China. He later served in the Northeast Construction Army Corps in Heilongjiang Province for eight years.

In December 1977, Wang returned to Beijing, and in the same year was registered in the department of Asian and African Languages of Beijing International Studies University. There, he studied the Japanese language at the institution and graduated in February 1982 with a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, he is known for his fluency in English and Japanese language. He also holds a Master of Economics degree. Wang began his diplomatic career from Asian section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In September 1989, he was posted to Chinese embassy in Japan where he served for almost five years. In March 1994, he returned to his country and was appointed as vice section chief of the Asian section of the foreign ministry followed by a promotion as section chief in the next year.

From August 1997 to February 1998, Wang was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Foreign Relations of Georgetown University in the United States. Later he was promoted to assistant minister and the director of office of policy research. From September 1999, Wang studied international relations at China Foreign Affairs University and acquired a doctor’s degree. In February 2001, Wang was raised to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of Asian affairs. He was then the youngest Deputy Minister. In September 2004, Wang Yi was appointed as Ambassador to Japan. Until September 2007, he served in the same capacity. In June 2008, Wang appointed the director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China succeeded Chen Yunlin.

While discussing China’s relations with United States, he is of the view  that unfortunately,  US has taken multiple actions to barricade and curb China in trade, science and technology, and has been interfering in a series of matters regarding China’s territorial integrity and autonomy. He categorically states that China will determinedly defend its essential safeties and appropriate rights to growth. No one can halt the historic march of the 1.4 billion Chinese people toward innovation. He also stresses that China is always ready to have discussions with US based on mutual respect. In one of his interviews he clearly state that we desire that US works with us to put the relationship back on the track of sound growth and comprehend the goal of no conflict or confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation. Due to his diplomatic skills, China-EU Summit and the China-CEEC Summit were both very fruitful.

China and the EU concluded consultations for an agreement on geographical indications as planned. Under Wang Yi supervision, dialogues for a China-EU investment agreement was a great achievement. China and European countries reached to an agreement on establishment of global governance as well as many other related issues. He is very vocal about the importance and progress of China Pakistan Economic corridor. In an interview, Wang Yi categorically said “kind neighbour is a blessing,” while referring to Pakistan. He understand the veracity that both China and Pakistan have been steadfastly following the policy based on mutual cooperation and friendly policy towards each other since long.

He always highlights that Pakistan continuously desires that both countries will constantly be good partners and truthful good brothers. He once said there is a slogan in Pakistan that “Gold could be given up rather than Pakistan-China friendship.” It is just because of the well-founded belief both sides hold that China and Pakistan have become “kind neighbours” in its accurate sense. He is also very active to cooperate with member countries at different regional and international platforms. Like an avid participant, he always remain engaged in collaboration while advocating the positive image of China. In the backdrop of Covid 19 Wang Yi, attended the foreign ministers’ meetings of the ASEAN countries and emphasized on the significance of maintaining peace and firmness in the region while strengthening collaboration among ASEAN countries. He further focused on the need to promote intra-regional personnel exchanges in the Asia Pacific, and enabling logistics and assistance in the field of public health and quest for a COVID-19 vaccine.

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