Uzbekistan is one of the oldest civilization and melting pot of different cultures. Country is famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. Its diverse terrain and abundant produce of fresh and dry fruits, the spices, vegetables, and livestock enriches the cuisine. The range of food, like palov, noodles, bread, and tea acclaims, is the most gratifying and cherishing thing for the travelers in Uzbekistan.



Palov is not only the famous dish of Uzbekistan but whole Central Asia. It is made of rice and boiled meat seasoned with fresh carrots, onions and a lot of dry fruits like raisins and berries. Palov is a traditional meal served to the guests in the ceremonies and special occasions. It is often made in a large pan called kazan on an open fire, and  it’s been featured by UNESCO on their list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Another must-try dry dish of Uzbek cuisine is Kebab, which is served in different styles, such as Shashlik or Kabobs. Shashlik is basically cubes of meat or chicken grilled on the coal or woods, and Kazan Kebabs are meat and potatoes cooked in kazan (a cast-iron cauldron with thick walls) on slow-heat.



Shurpa soup is an Uzbek variation in the broth, similar to the Khoza Shorva of Iran, made up of meat and vegetables like potatoes. It is a fatty bullion served in a special pot with relatively larger slices of potatoes.


Manti is an Uzbek version of the steamed dumplings served as an appetizer and side dish. Uzbek Manti is filled with the meat, usually mutton, and vegetables like onions and potatoes. It is served with a variety of sauces like sour cream or tomato sauce.



Lagman is the most popular noodles dish of Central Asia, prepared with the meat, vegetable and sauces. However, the dish is distinct due to its Turkic prepration, hand-pulled noodles, and its serving in a light broth or traditional sticky sauce.


Tea beholds a cultural significance in Central Asian Republics and so are the teahouses called ‘Chaikhanas’. Tea, whether green, black, hot or cold, is a drink of hospitality and always accompany a meal.


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