US-North Korea Rhetoric Leading to Nuclear War

The US-North Korea (angry dislike) has roots in the 1952-3 Korean War, which divided the country. While North Korea is supported by Russia and China, South Korea is protected by the US and it has a large military presence in the country. In order to fight off upcoming danger created by/presented by USA and its friends, North Korea (even though there is the existence of) being a very poor country, developed nuclear bombs and (rocket-fired weapons/high-speed flying weapons), causing deep worries to USA and its friends South Korea and Japan. The US forced (by law) sanctions in response to Pyongyang’s refusal to obey previous UN resolutions stopping/blocking the testing of (related to bullets, rockets, etc.) (rocket-fired weapons/high-speed flying weapons) and nuclear warheads. In July 2017, North Korea launched two intercontinental (related to bullets, rockets, etc.) (Rocket-fired weapons/high-speed flying weapons) (ICBMs) and many analysts believe that ICBMs are capable of hitting the US mainland, the US piled on more sanctions in August 2017, which further swollen/worsened tensions. Russia and China carry/have a measure of responsibility for the latest outburst. The two (related to a plan to reach a goal) partners voted (every single person agrees) at the Security (group of people who advise or govern) to support US calls to further load North Korea with money-based sanctions.

They made a big mistake since the move has only spiraled strains and has encouraged the Americans in their hopelessly aggressive personality. Moscow and Beijing, more than anyone else, should know that sanctions more often prove (harmful when trying to complete something). They are weapon of war making and evil helping thing for politeness and skill with people. Pyongyang strongly criticized the latest round of sanctions as a disgusting violation of its independent power (of a country). It argued that the US has thousands of nuclear weapons capable of hitting North Korea and has also installed this year a new (rocket-fired weapon/high-speed flying weapon) system, the THAAD, in South Korea, which gives it a first strike advantage. Given the organized row of American offensive military forces, the repeated verbal threats of “all options on the table”, the nuclear capable B-1 bombers flying from Guam over the Korean Peninsula, and now the latest en-flaming up of sanctions, North Korea perceives it a (having to do with human existence) danger and says that it has the right to protect its (honest and good human quality/wholeness or completeness) and independent power (of a country) by developing military self-defense. The latest sanctions are very harsh and punishing when seen in big picture with poor (process of people making, selling, and buying things) of North Korea and trouble(s) of its population. The nation’s top exports of coal, minerals and seafood are to be blocked/forbidden, which would dry up its already unimportant export money/money income by one-third, going from $3 billion to $2 billion a year.

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About Asif Haroon Raja 13 Articles
The writer is a retired Brigadier, war veteran, defence and security analyst, author of five books, Vice Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan, Director Measac Research Centre.