US must learn lesson from history: Senator Abdul Qayyum

Senator Abdul Qayyum has said that America must learn from lessons of history and avoid use of brute force to solve an intricate political issue. Regional approach involving all stake holders including Afghan Taliban is recommended. While commenting on recently announced US revised Policy on Afghanistan and South Asia, Senator Abdul Qayyum highlighted key points in the Upper House of the Parliament saying that encouraging Indian involvement in Afghanistan would be tantamount to compounding the issue as India was involved in fomenting militancy in Pakistan. We reject the policy of Victimizing Pakistan for US own failures and Afghan government incompetence. US policy pertaining to South Asia without mentioning a word about thorny issue of Kashmir where worst human rights violations are being committed is incomprehensible. US may help in Af- Pak border management and repatriation of Afghan refugees. Send more troops to Afghanistan would tantamount to reinforcing failure

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