UK- Pakistan Shake Hands at Diplomatic Fronts

Once Kofi Annan, while dealing with to a public gathering said, “You can do a lot with politeness and skill with people, but with politeness and skill with people backed up by force you can get a lot more done”. Therefore politeness and skill with people and polite(to improve relationships with people) ties have a lot more to offer if been practiced in an effective way for set of written words (on jewelry, etc.) positive results. Pakistan has always given huge importance to its relations with other nations around the world which shows the loyalty to/promise to build and improve cooperation being part of its foreign policy. The United Kingdom or Britain has a long deep history which shows clear association with the sub-continent as sub continent remained a British (group of people or other living things) until the creation of Pakistan in 1947. Pakistan became a rule within the common wealth of Nations, with the British national ruler serving as national ruler of Pakistan. After King George- VI, Elizabeth- II became queen of Britain until 1957, the year when Pakistan became a republic. Pakistan and England both are members of the Country/state of Nations as well as United Nations. President Ayub khan paid a visit co Englaod in 1966 whereas the queen of Britain Elizabeth- II and head of country/state paid a state visit to Pakistan in 1997. During the post independence moving (from one place to another) from Pakistan to England specificallyduring 1950’s and 60’s, over 1.1 million British people are of Pakistani family origins according to the (official count of everyone who lives in a country, city, etc.) of 2011 with a large number of people livingin London the capital. Due to the past linkages between the both countries, both actually understand the ground realities and the areas of back and forth/equal between people interest and cooperation. The UK’s association to Pakistan is both very deep/extreme and long-standing and there are a (many different kinds of people or things) of British connections to Pakistan because of both history and family ties. There is also, in the view of one witness, “a skilful and (affecting lots of things in many ways for a long time) Pakistani lobby”, many of whom are rich and some of whom make up/be equal to an important or maybe even clear political (group of voters or supporters) to some not important’s”.

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