Turkey buys 52 trainer aircrafts for Air Force from Pakistan

he sentiments of brotherhood that Pakistanis have for people of ‘Turkey have their roots in history. This history of Pak-Turkish relations is a story of concern and cooperation .Both the countries have been friends and supported each other in time of war as well as peace. The story of their friendship is spread almost over a century When the Tripoli was attacked by the Italians in 1911 with the connivance of British Government, the agitation of Muslim students was great and they held their meetings in the Mosques to express their resentment against the British Government in a violent language. As a token of their love for the Turkish cause they decided they decided to forego their meat dishes and sent the saving thus made to the Red Crescent. Among the most grandiose ambitions of Turkish government is making giant strides in national defense, diminishing dependence on foreign sources and eventually becoming an exporter of defense products. Concurrently, the government is making a point of emphasizing defense and weapons in its diplomacy. A permanent agenda item of Erdogan’s foreign travels is military cooperation and finding markets for Turkey’s defense industry products, but it’s sometimes difficult to cell how much of the achievement touted in this area is real. With abundant embellished reports of inventions and major successes in production of armored vehicles, missiles, helicopters and drones, the ground is prepared for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s foreign travels.

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