Traditional Cuisines of Gilgit-Baltistan


Chapshuro is one of the most delicious dishes of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is the Gilgit Baltistan version of pizza. Chapshuro is a bread filled with a mixture of chopped Beef/Yalk meat,
onion, and other spices. Chapshuro is filled with chopped meat (lamb, beef), onions, chile peppers, tomato and fresh coriander leaves. They are baked on medium heat on for 15 minutes, until golden brown.

Balay (Noodle Soup w/Goat Meat)

Being a cold mountainous region, there are few things more warming and satisfying when it’s cold outside, than soup. And soup in Baltistan in not a watery affair, but rather the balay as it’s known, is thick and hearty and eats almost like a gravy. 

Along with the goat meat broth that formed the flavor and base, there were hearty gummy textured noodles and smalls bits of meat mixed within. It was a great way to begin our traditional Baltistan food meal in Skardu.

Marzan (Buckwheat with Apricot Oil)

Soaking in water before being milled, the wheat grains take

about two weeks before they are ready to be ground. This gives the flour a sweeter taste, and this is a great food to have in the middle of winter when the weather is extremely cold outside. A bowl of pure apricot oil is served on a small mound of Marzan, gooey, but slightly dry wheat dough. The consistency of the wheat is very similar to how it looks, almost like dumpling or cookie dough.

Potato Stew (w/Goat Meat)

This is a curry in that the ingredients are fried to make a heavily spiced sauce before adding water, but then it is served as a very thick stew. It is full of large chunks of goat meat, potatoes, and a seasoning blend much more spicy than what we saw in more traditional food of Gilgit-Baltistan.


Harissa is one of the acclaimed dishes of Gilgit-Baltistan. The dish is prepared by wheat, boiled meat, and nearby oil, sometimes they use butter as an oil and sometimes they use dry apricot seeds as an oil with Harissa. The dish is exceptional regarding taste, simple to process and solid in the handling of proteins. this dish is served on the extraordinary event including wedding functions.

Diram Fitti

Diram fitti is one of the perfect choices of food for these people Diram Fitti is an exceptional breakfast item. It is the bread that is made from sprouted wheat flour which provides the natural sweetness to it. This dish is served by adding butter, almond or apricot oil.

Buttering Daudo

Buttering Daudo is a traditional apricot soup that is made primarily in the winter season. Dried apricots are used to prepare this soup with other ingredients including sugar, water, and lemon.



Shopan is a tasty food item in this region. The key ingredients required for this dish include the stomach of sheep/goat or minced meat along with flour, salt, red chili, coriander, onion, mint, water, salt, and oil. Meat is usually marinated with vinegar or lemon juice so that the smell goes out from it. It is served with rice or wheat bread.


Mamto is a delicious dish. You can also call it Gilgit-Baltistan samosa. The only difference is that it is not fried in ghee or oil but cooked on steam. Called the “Dumpling of the North”, this dish belongs to China which was later adopted by the people here and today it is the famous “Khaba” of Gilgit-Baltistan.




Tumuro is a wild aromatic plant that is found in the high mountains nearby Nagar valley. The tea of the tumoro is prepared by boiling it with water at medium heat. It is boiled for a few minutes in order to get the essence from the leaves and then strain it before serving. This tea provides a lot of benefits to the human body like it gives relief from headaches, tranquil the nerves and soothe the sore throats.


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