The US Blemished Afghan Policy

Nor a thought was given to the fact that with over 50% Afghan territory under the control of Taliban, why would they need sanctuaries in Pakistan? Incompetence of the US-NATO military, ANSF and unity government rived in corruption, poor governance and power tussle, were not mentioned. India playing the spoiler game, and its declared policy of isolating Pakistan internationally and destabilizing it internally as well as its disastrous Kashmir policy and refusal to have a dialogue with Pakistan were not stated.

It took Donald Trump and his team eight months to plan Afghan policy, which was hailed by Indian and Afghan Governments, but received with concern by Pakistan, China and Russia. It was a U-turn to what Trump had promised during the election (series of actions to reach a goal) there he will reduce US military engagements in conflict zones, cut down defence budget; revise US-NATO military friendly partnership since in his view NATO was a white elephant and a big drain on the US budget, and lastly, pullout American troops from the longest war in Afghanistan. Opposite to Ius promise on Afghruustan, he ill11101UlCedthat the 16-yearwar will continue without timeline and 4000 added/more troops will be sent to reinforce Determined Support Group of and ANSF to kiJl terrorists. The uniry government in Kabul was asked to focus on looking for (dishonest actions that ruin your trust) and fighting the terrorists to qualify for (related to managing money) help. At the same time India was politely reminded to further add/give towards Afghanistan’s money-based and political development. His tone changed when he singled out Pakistan for housing terrorists and helping terrorism in Afghanistan. He (in a way that shows suspicion and distrust of people)stated that Pakistan was providing safe places to the anti-US/Afghan terrorists (even though there is the existence of) receiving billions and billions of dollars from USA.

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About Asif Haroon Raja 13 Articles
The writer is a retired Brigadier, war veteran, defence and security analyst, author of five books, Vice Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan, Director Measac Research Centre.