The Redolent Dreams of Aromatic Artist Rabia Zakir

Rabia Zakir has turned out to be a famous artist of the town as her artwork shows that an artistic splendor is yet to come. She was born to family belonging to Sargodha; however, she had also spent her childhood in the cities of Chitral (KPK), Skardu (GB) and Muzaffarabad (AJK).  Since her childhood she obtained an opportunity to travel the beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan due the job transfers of her father. The striking colors of nature in those areas are often inflicted in her paintings. At present she is residing in Rawalpindi with her family. Since her school age she had interest in drawing, but she had no plans for becoming an artist in future. However, from her drawing work, her mother predicted that she would turn out to be an eminent artist someday.  Actually, her mother was the main motive behind Rabia’s success in art field because she had always idealized her mother in each and every matter of her life. When she was planning to get admission in medical and was not considered for it due to some reasons, her Mom who motivated her to go whole heartedly for Art.

Initially she painted just to express her own sorrows and little joys. But with the passage of time her few admirers especially her brother impelled her to work on professional level. Rabia started her work by shaping a proper studio at her home. She was very new in the professional field, with absolutely no idea of professional art work yet she remained devoted and enthusiastic. Her first painting was admired and purchased by a General of Pakistan army. Thus her artistic chapter of life kicked off. Her first exhibition was held in December 2012 at Pearl Continental hotel in Rawalpindi which was dedicated to her late mother. It proved to be the real start for her professional life. Her artwork was widely admired. Most of her paintings were sold in advance. All these successful events infused new hope in Rabia. She started believing in herself and now the dream of her mother was also coming true. Rabia has remarkable versatility in her art. She works in Sufi art, military paintings, calligraphy, aviation paintings, wood art, pencil sketches and many others. Her work has been admired at national as well as international level. Rabia has done number of projects for Pakistani Armed Forces.

Her artwork is displayed at certain PAF, Army and Navy units. Recently Aroma has completed a project for terrorism hit Army Public school of Peshawar. She has also painted for many positions. Her paintings are also present in PNCA gallery in Islamabad.  Apart from these major tasks Rabia also paints paintings on demand including portraits and calligraphy etc.

Rabia completed projects for different embassies with a start from Romanian embassy in that exhibition her main focus on Romania historical buildings and highlight Romanian architecture. She painted for Tunisia as well which is cultural merger of two countries as she mixed two countries on one canvas to highlight common similarities.

She also worked for Portugal National Day on which she highlighted about explore and navigator of Portugal and famous landmark to promote their culture in Pakistan. Rabia main focus is to introduce Pakistan as a peaceful country in the world through her brush and also promote culture. Rabia believe art is best source to promote good relationships between two countries

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