The 5th Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS 2017)

GELS is initiated by Asia Pacific CEO Association (APCEO), a well-known international organization, and co-hosted by relevant governments. GELS is the first international economic cooperation summit with industry & business leaders as its main participants and be held in Asia at regular intervals. In the summit, VIP Participants were awarded certifications that symbolized the identity of global economic leaders by the head of state. In the summit, traditional industries are interactive with emerging industries. Participants from industrialized economies exchange with emerging economies to summarize favorable economic developing models, explore new economic growth power and offer a main industrial cooperation channel for different countries and regions.

People (who were part of a study, etc.) at 5th Worldwide Money-based Leaders’ Summit discussed issues of money-based development and cooperation in modern conditions. Representatives of both the Asian and (related to Europe) areas took an active part in the forum. At the opening (formal, special event or series of actions) of the summit representative of Belarus, Deputy Head of the Friendship (community of people/all good people in the world) “Belarus-China” of the Belarusian (community of people/all good people in the world) for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Alina Grishkevich, made a welcoming speech. The theme of the GELS 2017 was the (help increase/show in a good way) International Industry Investment and Invention of new things, Improve Belt & Road Exchange and Cooperation Belt & Road for Cooperating with Chinese Businesses/projects. Foreign heads of state, (people in charge of something) from Chinese ministries, (clearly connected or related) government departments from countries along the Belt & Road, executives from Fortune Worldwide 500 companies, Forbes Worldwide 2000 companies, Worldwide Top 100 Industrial Investment companies, Worldwide Top 100 Industrial Invention of new things Companies and China’s Top 500 businesses/projects, and famous money-flow experts. The goal of the summit was to gather international money-based leaders, elite (people or businesses who give money to help start businesses), science and technology giants, and political leaders, strengthen international industry invention of new things and cooperation, improve (as much as possible) setting apart and distributing of worldwide useful things/valuable supplies, and improve the quality and level of worldwide industry; capital and technology cooperation as well as to (help increase/show in a good way) matching between international capital and worldwide select projects.

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