Technology and Women’s Empowerment

The book under review is “Technology and Women’s Empowerment”, edited by Ewa Lechman, Published on September 9, 2021, by Routledge. The book has 13 Chapters and 278 Pages. Ewa Lechman is a Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Management and Economics at Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland.

The book is designed to provide deep insight into the theoretical and empirical evidence on ICT as a significant driver of women’s social and economic development. Special focus is given to examining the following broad topics: channels of ICT impact on women`s development; the role of ICT in enhancing women`s active participation in formal labor markets; examples of how ICT encourages education, skills development, institutions development et alia, and thus contributes to women’s social and economic empowerment, as well as case-based evidence on ICT`s role in fostering women’s equality. The primary audience for the book is scholars and academic professionals from a wide variety of disciplines but mainly those who are concerned with addressing the issues of economic development and growth, social development, the role of technological progress in the context of broadly defined socio-economic progress.”  This book relies on social constructivist theories from feminist technology studies (FTS) emphasizing the constructed element in women’s relationship with technology and with support in the “individual difference theory” that recognized individual differences between women.

In the first four chapters of this book, Ewa draws the attention of the reader towards the emerging technologies, their role in the current era and their impacts on women as well as the role of women in modern society by adopting these technologies. She primarily focuses on the pervasive spread of ICT offers unprecedented opportunities for social and economic agents, reshapes social and economic structures and drives the emergence of socio-economic networks.  Following the next six chapters, she mainly focused on gender’s role in ICT, career opportunities for them and providing analysis of gender gap in ICT by taking the case study of European Union member states.  Ewa Lechman successfully conveyed her sense of belonging in the field of ICT.  She explored in-depth women’s experiences in technology and how they articulate the ongoing process of trying to become part of ICT.  She adopted an upright approach to elaborate the role of ICTs in women’s empowerment. She carefully draws upon decades of research and women’s experience to set forth an alternative vision of women empowerment through the adoption of technology.

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