SCO, OIC Summits & Higher Expectations

The current month is set to witness gathering of top world leadership at two international organizations. Both the gatherings are of immense significance in the wake of pressing political and economic challenges of the world. High hopes are being pinned with both the international forums because these organizations span over half of world populations and member states are blessed with abundant natural and technological resources.

Each Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Heads of State Council Meeting opens a new page in the history of the organisation’s development and sets new tasks. During the Bishkek summit, the heads of state will sum up the results of Kyrgyzstan’s presidency and consider priorities as we seek to further deepen the political dialogue, strengthen regional security, and enhance trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

In addition, the leaders will discuss current international and regional issues. The summit will be preceded by meetings of secretaries of national security councils, ministers of defence, ministers of culture, ministers of foreign affairs and numerous expert meetings. Also planned are the Media Forum, Women’s Forum, Business Forum and the SCO Marathon.

Similarly, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit will discuss the Middle East conflict and the proposed Peace Plan to diffuse the situation. The OIC is the second biggest international governmental organization after the UN, with membership of 57 states from four continents. It represents the Islamic world and seeks to protect its interests. Leaders and heads of states of 57 countries from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will attend the summit, except for Syria, whose membership has been suspended. The summit, would be held during the last ten days of Ramadan, is expected to discuss a series of key issues, with the Palestinian cause at the forefront.

The OIC session is very important to discuss the Middle East conflict and also the proposed Peace Plan to diffuse the situation. A meeting of OIC Kashmir Contact Group is also expected to be held, where members would present their points of view. The Makkah statement is also set to include several major points that serve the best interest of the Islamic countries, while stressing the importance of OIC member states’ commitment to reinforcing unity and solidarity.

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