President of Malta Marie-Louise ColeiroPreca

President Marie-Louise ColeiroPreca, is the current head of the state and the ninth President of the Republic of Malta. Nominated by the House of Representatives of Malta for a five-year term, she took an oath to “save, secure and safeguard” the Constitution. At 55 years old, ColeiroPreca is the youngest President of the nation, and is the second female to serve as the head of the state of Malta.

Professional Experience

Marie-Louise ColeiroPreca committed her life to the social prosperity of the powerless in the public arena and was compelling for successful changes in the social arrangements of Malta.

On 13 March 2013, Marie-Louise ColeiroPreca was delegated Minister for Family and Social Solidarity. Throughout her term as Minister, she brought in a variety of reforms. These key changes started, during her term in office, incorporated those in the territory of social residence, and the establishment for a coordinated social strategy in view of a community level approach, with the point of establishing Family Resource Centers, and various Social Development Regional Centers.

Another change realized was the simplifications of the social advantages framework, which included advantages for retirement age, people qualified for the marriage grant, persons who are eligible for the widow benefits and those qualified for the youngsters’ stipend. This change was revolved around the need to dispense with applications, and the resulting bureaucratic procedures to make the framework more efficient.

During her term as Minister, ColeiroPreca also began the advancement of a technique for the manageability and ampleness of benefits. She began tending to the abnormalities in the benefits calculation for previous shipyard laborers and presented various measures, for example, the arrangement of full annuity to widow in work, and the provision of a child supplement to address child poverty, spurred by their school participation, wellbeing registration and association in culture or games.

As Minister, ColeiroPreca tabled a few laws, including the Act on the Protection of Children, as a feature of a Children’s Comprehensive Legislation, and also set up the Sexual Assault Response Team.

In December 2013, together with the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor, ColeiroPreca propelled the LEAP venture. This undertaking, which is financed by the European Social Fund, built up the Family Resources Centers to give administrations at the core of groups, with the point of executing the new Social Investment Package propelled by the European Union.

In January 2014, ColeiroPreca developed and launched, together with the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Joseph Muscat, the Green Paper: Structure for Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion. This Green Paper, aimed at targeting over 22,000 children to take them out of poverty and social exclusion, as part of the whole strategy on poverty reduction.

Political Career

Marie-Louise ColeiroPreca was active in politics for forty years, starting at the young age of sixteen years. She served in Parliament for sixteen years.

Inside the Labor Party, she filled in as an individual from the National Executive, Assistant General Secretary and General Secretary, possessing the last post from 1982 to 1991. ColeiroPreca is the first-historically speaking, and just lady who, to date, possessed this essential chosen position at the most astonishing grade of a Maltese political gathering. Marie-Louise

ColeiroPreca filled in as a Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives from 1998 to 2014. In the General Elections of 2008 and in 2013 she was the main contender to be chosen to the National Parliament, with the most number of votes. As a Member of Parliament in Opposition, she filled in as Shadow Minister for Social Policy, for Tourism, for the National Airline, and for the Health Sector.

Major Achievements

Not long after in the wake of taking office, President ColeiroPreca built up various substances to sustain exchange and to cultivate solidarity and a culture of constructive peace among individuals.

The president’s foundation for the wellbeing of society

The Foundation was founded on 25th June 2014. The Foundation is a first of its kind in Malta. It aims to create a safe space for dialogue on social wellbeing, bridging popular w i s d o m w i t h academic research. Through this process , the Foundation works towards enhancing h u m a n relationships. The Foundation operated through a consultati on process, through several established, including ; Children, Family, Community, Trans culturalis m , Interfaith, Persons with Disability, and conducts scientific research through the following Research Entities:

  • National Institute for Childhood ·

National Centre for Family Research ·

National Observatory for Living with Dignity,

  • National Centre for Freedom from Addictions ·

National Hub for Ethnobotanical Research.

The malta community chest fund foundation

President ColeiroPreca was impetus, to change the National Charity into the Malta Community Chest Fund as a Foundation, with the point of giving money related, material and expert help to people, families, groups, and willful associations.

This Foundation aims at improving the quality of life for individuals, without any form of discrimination on the basis of social class, gender identity, ethnicity, age, ability, health status or religion.

The president’s trust

President ColeiroPreca established the President’s Trust on 14th May 2015. The point of the President’s Trust is to energize powerless youngsters, encountering challenges throughout everyday life, for example, joblessness, being in danger of neediness, or social prohibition, to enhance their lives through instruction and preparing.

Current Projects by the President’s Trust

  • Helping Children Overcome Challenges and Thrive (St. Paul’s Bay project).
  • The President’s Trust Employment Initiative.
  • SPARK-a youth empowerment initiative (B’Bugia).
  • Y-Assist (Supported accommodation for young mothers).
  • Adopt a Family.
  • The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation.
  • LUISS scholarships.
  • The Children’s Community Centre, Marsa.

The president’s secret garden

The President’s Secret Garden gives a sheltered, intelligent and inventive space at The Presidential Private Gardens at Sant’ Anton Palace, giving Maltese kids t h e c h a n c e t o i m p r o v e t h e ir identity, express their assessments and feel engaged, through c a sua l i n str u c tio n . It expects to cultivate intergenerational discourse and in addition support, incorporation and inclusion of kids wit h e x e r c is e s concentrating on the accompanying k e y z o n e s ,inc l uding s e lfa r t i c u l a t i o n , adhering to a good diet, training, sustain, decent variety, and craftsmanship.

National forum of trade unions

Launched on the 23rd July 2014, The National Forum of Trade Unions has its doors open for exchange among Malta’s Trade Unions. Such discourse empowers sharing of encounters, expecting to discover basic answers for challenges experienced at the work environment, and to guarantee the prosperity of all representatives.

National cancer platform association

Officially launched on the 3 February 2015, the National Cancer Platform Association unites all the non-administrative associations working in the field of disease, to team up with a specific end goal to guarantee an all-encompassing, coordinated and manageable administration for all malignancy patients and their families. Every association is self-sufficient. While each association keeps its own character and procedure, the Association gives a chance of sharing data and basic activities. Through the Association, individuals from associations get comfortable with the work being done by different associations offering comparable, or correlative administrations.

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