Pakistan’s Cultural Revolution – Creation of a New Muslim Empire By Arif Hussain

Pakistan is a legacy of the Muslim Empire of the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent. It was the inevitable outcome of the thousand-year-old Muslim civilization in India – distinct from the Hindu civilization.

This book traces the history of Indo-Islamic civilization and argues that we, the Pakistanis, are its rightful inheritors. We, therefore, the book argues, should recognize the Islamic Identity of Pakistani culture and consolidate it against the internal threat of parochialism and the external threat of Indian cultural invasion.

This, in view of the author, is vital for the survival and growth of Pakistan. Pakistan cannot emerge as a civilization unless the Pakistani government encourages, and all its citizens are engaged, in the pursuit of knowledge (llm) in the cultures of sciences, philosophy and arts.

Knowledge is power of any civilization. Islam had its powerful civilization in the past and Pakistan should take the initiative for future.

The author Asaf Hussain has been a civil servant in Pakistan a Press officer in the united states of the Embassy of Pakistan till 1970s and subsequently an academic in British universities. Currently he is a part time academic at the universities of Leicester and is the chairman of the think tank public diplomacy and research organization.

He has written a number of books on Pakistan, Middle East, Iran Orientalism and the one entitled United States and Israel politics of special relationship published by the Quaid-e-Azam university in Islamabad.

Besides these the books currently under publication are entitled History of south Asian Islam Islamic Civilization from Enlightenment to fundamentalism Iran its challenges hydra’s den combating terrorism in Afghanistan and Democratic Revolution the West and Middle East.

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