Pakistan welcomes steps by leadership of Turkey, Russia for mutual Rapprochement

Pakistan has welcomed the latest developments in bilateral relations between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation. Pakistan fully support the wise steps being taken by the leaders of the two countries to normalize relations.

Normalization of relations between Turkey and Russia would be helpful in reducing tensions in the region and effectively dealing with regional and global challenges including the menace of terrorism. Pakistan enjoys close friendly relations with both Turkey and Russia. Islamabad will continue to work with Ankara and Moscow to enhance cooperation in all fields of mutual interest.

According to the office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had a phone conversation with President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation today. President Erdoğan and President Putin of Russia mainly focused on the importance of the normalization of bilateral relations between Turkey and Russia during the phone conversation. The two Presidents also underlined the importance of acting in cooperation in the face of political, economic and humanitarian crises in the region as well as taking necessary steps to revive the bilateral relations. Condemning the heinous terror attack in Istanbul, President Putin of Russia offered his condolences to the Turkish nation.

The two leaders also agreed to stay in contact and hold a face-to-face meeting, stressing their determination to revive bilateral relations and join forces in the fight against terror.

Similarly, office of the Russian President stated that President Putin expressed his profound condolences following the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport that caused numerous casualties. He passed on his words of sympathy to the victims’ families and wished a swift recovery to all who were injured. Both presidents stressed the need to activate international cooperation to combat the terrorist threat that poses a danger to all countries.

Putin said that the letter he received from the Turkish President opens the road for overcoming the crisis in bilateral relations and beginning the process of renewing joint efforts on international and regional issues and developing the two countries’ relations in different areas. In this context, Mr Putin said that he hoped the judicial inquiry underway into the Turkish citizen accused of the Russian pilot’s death would be objective.

Putin said that he would instruct the Russian Government to begin negotiations with the relevant Turkish agencies to restore mutually advantageous bilateral cooperation in trade, the economy and other sectors. Mr Putin also said during the conversation that Russia could lift the restrictions on Russian tourists visiting Turkey but also noted that it would be good if the Turkish government took extra measures to ensure Russian citizens’ safety on Turkish soil.

The two presidents agreed that the Russian and Turkish foreign ministers would meet on July 1 at the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation’s foreign ministers meeting in Sochi. The discussion would cover both the regional situation, particularly efforts to settle the Syrian conflict, and current matters of further developing Russian-Turkish relations.

Putin and Erdogan agreed to examine possibilities for meeting in person in the near future. Overall, the conversation was business-like, constructive, and focused on restoring the traditionally friendly nature of the two countries’ broad-ranging bilateral relations.

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