Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Alamgir Visits Egypt

Islamabad, October 28, 2021: According to the Pakistan Navy spokesman, on arrival at the Egyptian port of Bernice, the host navy and Pakistani diplomatic officials received the Pakistani navy ship. The Mission Commander, along with the Commanding Officer of the ship, held important meetings with the host naval officials.

According to Pakistan Navy spokesman, issues of mutual interest and bilateral maritime cooperation were discussed during the meetings. The Southern Fleet Commander of the Egyptian Navy also visited the Pakistani ship. Conducted a joint exercise.

Before arriving in Egypt, PNS Alamgir participated in a bilateral exercise with the Japanese navy ship “Ugri”. PNS Alamgir also participated in the multinational anti-piracy operation “Meri Labrim” under Combined Task Force 151.

Pakistan Navy spokesman further said, Alamgir’s visit to Egypt and participation in exercises with other countries will further enhance relations with friendly countries, especially the Navy, and joint operations capabilities.

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