Islamabad: While inaugurating the two-day seminar on Pakistan Afghanistan Trade and Investment Forum 2020, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that Pakistan and Afghanistan have been enjoying cordial relations since centuries and both countries share religious and cultural traditions. He said that peace in Afghanistan is inevitable for regional peace and prosperity as Afghanistan has been facing the scourge of war since four decades. He remarked that this war and conflict bore heavy losses in terms of both human resources and poverty.

He also mentioned that the incumbent Indian government is the worst example of fascism although it claimed itself as the biggest democracy yet it is bent upon inflicting atrocities and suppression on innocent Kashmiri people. He remarked that minorities especially innocent people of Kashmir have been under continuous suppression and atrocities and it is the worst example of suppression and barbarity. He mentioned that the incumbent government has always raised Kashmir issue on every regional and international forum and would continue the same until the resolution of the Kashmir issue as per the United Nations Security Council resolutions. He remarked that now international organizations and UNO have started to raise their concerns over Kashmir issue.

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