Pak-Russia Joint Military Exercises Druzhba (Friendship)

The two-week joint counter-terrorism exercise of Pakistan-Russian Federation Special Forces DRUZHBA-V was conducted this month. The joint exercises are seen as another step in growing military-to-military cooperation, indicating a steady growth in the relationship between the two countries, whose ties had been marred by Cold War rivalry for decades.

Russian Federation Special Forces’ contingent arrived in Pakistan for 2 weeks long joint exercise DRUZHBA-V at Nov 5. The Russian ambassador to Pakistan, Mr Danila Ganich and senior officials from both armies, attended the opening ceremony.

The exercise was aimed at sharing both armies’ experiences in counter terrorism domain. Videos released by ISPR shown the participating troops in practicing counter-terrorism drills and procedures, rappelling and preparations for sky diving, and sports activities.

Pak-Russia joint military exercises Druzhba (friendship) are held every year. The exercises started in 2016. These exercises include aspects of counter-terrorism and special operations.

In September this year, a contingent of the Pakistan armed forces participated in the opening ceremony of multinational military exercises titled ‘Kavkaz 2020’ in the Russian city of Astrakhan.

Pakistan had also participated in the similar series of exercises called ‘Tsentr 2019’, in Russia last year. The wargames were joined by troops from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and other countries.

Closing ceremony of Exercise DRUZBHA – V was held at National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) near Kharian. Russian Ambassador Danila Ganich, Inspector General Training and Evaluation (IGT&E) Lieutenant General Sher Afgun and senior Military officials from both sides witnessed the closing ceremony.

Special Forces’ Pakistan-Russian Federation Contingent demonstrated real-time skilful drills & procedures of Counter Terrorism Operations. The two week long, Durzbha-V was conducted at Tarbela and NCTC PABBI. During the exercise, teams shared valuable experience in Counter Terrorism domain and displayed highest standards of training and professionalism.  

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