Pak Defence Forces Saviors of World Peace

The valour and brave defence forces of Pakistan have got themselves recognized as the best armed forces in the world by giving a befitting response to unlawful intrusion of the Indian war mongering coward forces into Pakistan. Each and every Pakistani soldier takes oath to defend every inch of homeland till the last drop of his blood and every family of martyred soldiers proudly receive felicitations from their close ones on the martyrdom of their loved ones instead of condolences. This is why, today every soldier is filled with high spirits and enthusiasms for embracing martyrdom while defending the motherland.

This high spiritedness accelerates the professional war capability of our troops and empower them to overpower the Indian forces because Indian soldiers are deprived of such enthusiasm for martyrdom. Thanks to Allah Almighty and our brave armed forces who have saved the South Asia and the entire world from horrible devastative plans of Indian cheap politicians who are still bent of make Indian forces as scapegoats for the sake of their petty political gains. However, it is a good development for the regional stability that some sane voices have also started emerging from inside India against the heinous plans of Narendra Modi led group of fanatics . Even inside the Indian parliament, political parties have started criticising Modi for using Indian defence forces for his political gains.

Through the swift and timely surprised response to Indian intrusion as well as locking down the most sensitive targets in Indian occupied Kashmir, Pakistani defence forces have made it clear to the whole international community that no match in the world especially in the region. This fact must also be realized by the Indian leadership which is mad in the lust of getting regional hegemony. Therefore, it is duty of the international community to step forward to pressurize India to shun its anti Pakistan agenda and follow the sole doctrine of ‘Live and Let Others To Live’.

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Author is the President, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Mélange int’l Magazine’ and ‘ The Asian Telegraph’.