Pak-China Dream of CPEC & Shared Destiny Community to Come True: Atnb Sun

Outgoing Chinese Representative Sun Weidong stressed the need for China and Pakistan to grab and take control of the historical opportunity presented to both the countries for development and (improvement/ positive change) of their people. We should work more (with great patience and care) to fully collect the benefits of China-Pakistan Money-based Hallway/travel path project and (help increase/show in a good way) practical cooperation in different fields. What’s more, we must improve all-round exchanges, so that China-Pakistan friendship can be more deeply rooted. I am convinced that we will surely upgrade China-Pakistan friendship to a new level and the goal of building China-Pakistan community of shared pre-planned future will come true,” tile representative told a goodbye reception held at the Chinese government office. “Great fortune never comes by (sudden unplanned bad event/crash). It is tile result of our combined attempts/tries. Only through our real efforts, we can overcome the (problems, delays, etc.) and turn our thinking into reality Just as an old Chinese saying goes: when the two brothers are of one mind, they can dog through any metal,” he told a gathering containing/making up senior politicians, ministers, peacekeepers, high-ranked (non-military related) and military (people in charge of something) and the civil (community of people/all good people in the world).







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