OBOR converts China into Global Economic Leader

In the aftermath of 2nd Belt and Road Forum, China has further higher its stature as world economic superpower because the huge participation in the BRF reflected world interest in the Chinese economy as well as showed world expression of acknowledgment of China as a future global economic leader.

At BRF, participants while looking into the future, envisaged high-quality Belt and Road cooperation in enhancing connectivity by promoting development policy synergy, infrastructure development, unimpeded trade, financial cooperation, and people-to-people bond, thereby enhancing practical cooperation for the well-being of our peoples. In this context,
BRF looked forward to more efforts by cooperation partners based on extensive consultation, joint efforts, shared and mutual benefits with emphasize on the importance of the rule of law and equal opportunities for all. Besides BRF, the Chinese leadership is very dynamic in expanding Chinese trade and economic ties with almost every country of the world; this is why President Xi Jinping paid a successful visit to European countries and inked a number of trade agreements. On the other hand, Chinese Premier and other higher level leadership are also making all-out efforts to raise the country’s status as a world economic leader.

Earlier in the month before the BRF, Belt and Road Initiative was also a major and important point of discussion at Annual Investment Meeting 2019 held in Dubai. In the result of comprehensive discussions on Belt and Road Initiative, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to play a big role in China’s OBOR. According to the UAE Ministry of Economy UAE is proud to host this forum as a testament to our strong economic and trade ties with China. The trade between the two countries has been growing each year and UAE anticipates trade activities to amount to $33 billion between the UAE and China. The UAE is an important trading partner for China.

In addition, both countries have several strategic partnerships in place to promote scientific research and renewable energy and water, and this cooperation is set to expand the mutual trade between the UAE and China. A strategic partnership has been strengthened through the signing of 13 MoUs between the UAE and China. This forum will not only help us exchange ideas but also help us integrate sustainable trade and investment partnerships.

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