Moroccan Cuisine

One of the great cuisines of the world, Moroccan cooking abounds with subtle spices and intriguing flavor combinations. Down below is a list of the top 10 Moroccan foods that you must try:

  1. Tagine is made from spiced vegetables that are cooked with a little and often light broth, accompanied by meat, chicken or fish. What makes this dish interesting is the special way it is cooked on a clay pot for a long time.

2. It is a fine wheat pasta traditionally rolled by hand. Couscous is usually prepared on Fridays for lunch. Couscous is mainly made of vegetables, except that it is based on durum wheat. It is served with meat or vegetable stew.

3. Harira is basically a Moroccan lentil soup usually served as a starter. It is rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and lamb, it is finished off with a squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped coriander. It is often used during Ramzan to break the fast.

4. It is a fancy dish for Moroccans that is usually eaten on special occasions, especially weddings. Layers of a paper-thin pastry coddle a blend of pigeon meat, chicken or seafood with almonds and eggs spiced with saffron, cinnamon and fresh coriander.

5. The Moroccan Tea in mint is everyone’s favorite. It is usually heavily sweetened with sugar chipped off a sugar cone. The fragrant flavor of mint, the color, and the bubbles on top makes it even more delicious.

6. The Tanjia is based on meat and a nice combo of spices, namely saffron. . It is traditionally filled with chunks of beef or lamb and a bunch of spices, then slow-cooked in the embers of a furnace. Tanjia is always associated with the city of Marrakech, Morocco.

7. A distinctive Moroccan popular dish, prepared from fried and grilled eggplant. It is a common side dish and is typically served with crusty bread. It is often served as a salad, especially in winters. They can include green peppers and tomatoes, sweet carrots or local olives.

8. Chermoula is a mix of herbs and spices used when grilling or baking fish and seafood. Depending on the mix, you’ll get flavors of onion, coriander, chili peppers, or saffron. It is served with a dipping sauce.

9. Chebakia is a chewy, crunchy, and fragrant Moroccan pastry. It is soaked with a syrup of honey and sometimes rosewater, then sprinkled with sesame seeds. It’s a sweet and sticky treat that you can find in many corner shops and bakeries, especially during Ramadan.

10. It is a large sweet coiled pastry. It is wrapped in almond paste and may have a cinnamon and orange blossom flavor and be coated with sugar, almonds or pistachios. It is mostly shared among people in large gatherings.

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