Modi Islamophobia Designs; a Threat to Global Peace

The discourse of “global peace” remains subtle amid prevalent threats from the current Modi regime Islamophobia designs to purse divergent domestic and regional interests. Emboldened by Hindu supremacist ideology and fascist regime tendencies, it overtly shattered the deceptive rhetoric of the profound Indian secular state through diplomatic coercion and organized violence against the Muslims. Consequently, today India portraying a dismal picture of inter-faith disharmony, religious intolerance, and clouds of “existential identity crisis” keeps hovering over the 200 million Muslim population. In broader canvas, fault lines of religious ideological confrontation are evident, subsequently, it paves devious derive to the global peace architecture- which already laden with intimidating traditional and non-traditional security challenges.

In retrospect, the Modi Islamophobia designs are driven through its overriding xenophobic politics and saffron nationalism supremacy obsession. To validate the fact, fresh developments in the Kashmir conflict, prejudice against the Muslims in the Indian state under the Modi rule can be appraised. Pertinently, both aforementioned deceitful strategies are engrained in the ideological aspirations of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS) – a far rightest wing purely established to project the Hindu chauvinism before the partition of the sub-continent in the year 1920. It is important to mention that BJP is an organization that sowed the seeds of anti-Muslims sentiments, and holds a history of spreading turmoil and anarchy.

The BJP being an offshoot of RSS follows its ideological footprints- which invokes organized communal violence against the Muslims, political victimization, and deprivation of fundamental rights. Thus it can be asserted that Modi’s noxious campaign is not instantaneous but inherently it aligned with its core anti-Muslim prejudice that BJP implores from RSS tyrannical mindset. The world witnessed its clear depiction during the Gujrat Massacre when 700 Muslims were brutally assassinated by the extremist Hindu mobs. While gaining political power in the year 2014, Modi seemingly following the same path and intensified its belligerence against the Muslims in India, specifically in the occupied state of Kashmir.

Pessimistically, the ridiculousness of Modi’s Islamophobia design is predominantly countered by the perpetrated propaganda by the Indian lobbies and their proponents across the world. To combat this embezzlement, it is significantly important to cognize the ontological dimensions of “Islamophobia” first, and later draw co-relational compatibility of anti-Muslim assertive policies of the Modi regime.

India has become the epicenter of islamophobia under the noxious fascist Modi regime. 200 million Muslims in India are witnessing grave apprehensions amid religious intolerance, structural marginalization, and genocidal violence driven by the fanatic Hindus. Subsequently, xenophobic politics, and saffron nationalism wreaked unprecedented havoc to the plausibility of peaceful co-existence and inter-faith harmony whilst ensuing mayhem repercussion to the global peace and security architecture.”

In broad-spectrum, “Islamophobia is an indiscriminate negative attitude directed towards the Islam or Muslim carried by any particular individual or state. This connotation validates the Modi myriad measures against the Muslims and Islamic religion. It is pertinent to mention here the horizon of the Modi Islamophobia Designs, which understandably whirls around the structural marginalization of Muslims at the intrastate level, followed by its fascist regime policies vis-à-vis Kashmir conflict. One of the most apprehensive dimensions is the projection of saffron nationalism across the boarders to draw configurations of the Indo-Pak relations.

At the intra-state level, apart from social and religious fragmentation, another dismaying factor is the structural empowerment of fanatic Hindus who inclines to oppress the Muslims at the community level in all the sections of life. The extremist Hindus wings are backed by the Modi government which aggravates the deliberate marginalization of the Muslim population through encouraging Hindutva extremism. Most often Muslims are being victimized by false accusation charges of theft, robbery, and other illicit activities of smuggling and drug trafficking. Countless cases have been reported in which innocent masses are even beaten to death by the fanatic Hindu mobs and there is no one to provide justice to them because the entire structure is dominated by the Hindus.

Similarly, the Indian Muslims are torched, and ragged at different public places and unfortunately, such cases go unreported. Also, there are grave apprehensions regarding businesses’ safety and public property security. Looting and robbery of Muslim assets have become a fascinating tendency for the Hindu extremists. The mounting influence of Hindus over the security, law enforcement agencies halts the process of investigation, and justice remains a utopian concept. There are always looming insecurities security of Muslims.

As matter of fact, in the year 2019, two hundred Muslim houses were set ablaze in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh state, and police lodged a wrong complaint against a Muslim man. Likewise, the “Bhartiya Gau Raksha,” is a Hindu organization primarily associated with cow protection and commit crimes of the livestock confiscation of the Muslims, and redistributes among the Hindus, leading to economic suppression.

Excessive gruesome bullying practices against the Muslims by the Hindus in social, political gathering promotes antipathy and overt humiliation. In the educational institutions, students labeled by multifaceted Islamophobic tagged as terrorists, Jihadi, or Taliban due to religious affinities. Social injustice is quite evident in the Indian institutional caucus, Muslims face discriminatory behaviors in public offices and often refrained to hold key positions in the administrative structure. Despite fulfilling the merit, they are excluded from white-collar jobs whereas Hindu gain prominent roles through malpractices of favoritism, nepotism, and identity preferences. Irrespective of being the second-largest identity class in India, Muslims are marginalized and they hold very limited job quotas and managerial representation. Rapes, molestation, and sexual assault against the Muslim women and children commonly practiced heinous crimes by the radical Hindus merely incited by their antagonistic tendencies towards the Muslims.

The Islamic religion always remains under the radar of Hindus propaganda, both at the tactical and operational levels. Society is indoctrinated with anti-Islamic sentiments through manipulating their idiosyncrasies and psychological mindset often poisoned with racist opinions. In the account of this, print electronic, and social media apparatus were instrumented to shape propaganda narratives against Muslims. Anti-Islamic literature is promoted through newspapers, magazines, and different websites on the internet actively promote hatred speech, videos, Vlogs, and disgust views of the Hindus.

Ever since the BJP came into power under the premiership of Modi, there is a clear surge in religious conflict, and freedom of Muslims are under severe threat. Religious and ritualistic practices are quite often abandoned. Frequently, Mosques under attack and even regulars prayer are not allowed.

Subsequently, Eid events and the Ashura processions often interrupted by the Hindu hate criminal acts. In particular, in the event of Eid-ul-Adah, Muslims compelled to refrain from the “sacrificing practices” of the animals. Instead of ensuring the provision of fundamental rights, the introduction of anti-sharia laws, consumption beef ban is factual recognition of religious intolerance towards Muslims. The forceful conversion of the Muslim religion is another horrifying act committed by the fundamentalist Hindus.

Apart from that, the film and music industry also brainwash the general masses through the content of segregation and societal delineation of Muslims. The Indian song’s lyrics, which holds massive listenership, are embedded with bigot publicity of Hindu nationalism with a clear message that Indian Muslim integration is preconditioned to their complicit with the Hindu ideology. To validate further, Laxmi Dubey’s song “Har Ghar Bhagva Chhayega” addresses the Muslim community  that if they wish to stay in “Hindustan” then they better learn the values of  “Banday Mataram” and stay in their limits or “Awkaat.”

Above all the policymakers are directly involved in the state-sponsored Islamophobia perpetration. Muslims booked under wrong sedition and blasphemous charges. Irregularities in the judicial system often lead to social injustice to the Muslims. Notably, the current justice system is also non-compatible to assure the rights of all the religious communities of India. It is pertinent to highlight “Ghar Wapsi” and “Love Jihad” are state-led islamophobia campaigns.

“The growing population of the country, particularly Muslims, is a risk to the social fabric, internal harmony, and development of India, claimed by Giriraj Singh, BJP’s Union Minister states.” In this context, on 12th December 2019 BJP government passed a controversial discriminatory citizenship amendment act (CAA) for granting citizenship based on religion for the first time. The revamped law proposes fast-track asylum for the non-Muslims from immediate neighbors’ states.

“The Modi coercive regime has become a nightmare for the proponents of perpetual peace. Its islamophobic designs jeopardized the internal social fabric of India and also posed an existential threat to the Muslim identity.” 

Additionally, a National Population Registration (NPR) and National Register of Citizen (NRC) were devised to identify the ill-legal immigrants. Realistically, a deceitful policy to marginalize the Muslim community through stripping- off their nationality, regardless of their generations brought up in India. In the aftermaths, the heinous move sparked protests and further escalated Hindu-Muslim violence led to the death of dozens of Muslims. However, the BJP leadership in their speeches and interviews declared the protestors “Pakistani hooligans and anti-nationalist. Thus current BJP not only shown biasness but also pitched organized crimes against the Muslim population. It is fair enough to claim that the Modi regime has shrunken the spaces of Muslims. Also, this inequitable approach is reflected in the case of Rohingya migrants. A large

Another aspect that necessitates introspection, is the promotion of Hindu personality cults, while BJP political leadership initiated a widespread campaign of wiping away the Indian Muslim’s cultural, religious, and social heritages. The academic discourses are being excluded from Muslim history and their role in the socio-economic contours of the country. Notably, the curriculums designed following the interests of Hindu ideology and their history is further personified.
the chunk of Muslims was deported to Myanmar despite the danger to their life. Contrary to this, other non-Muslims were granted asylum.

This vitiated situation does not stop here, during the earlier stages of the Covid-19, the right-wing Hindus accused Muslims of spreading this pandemic and cited it as Pakistan driven conspiracy against India. In this context, Tablighi-Jammat was blamed and the radical mindset took over social media with “hashtags#CoronaJihad” and the Muslim terrorists. The BJP party members gave derogatory remarks and declared it as a “Death Jammat.” This discriminatory and racist approach raised grave apprehensions among the Muslim community across the world.

In the light of the aforementioned facts and narrative, it’s conclusive that the core objectives of propagating the islamophobia designs at the intrastate level originate from its political exigencies and power dominance. Firstly, the BJP government is inherently insecure from Muslim identity and it is perceived as one of the biggest threats to the political future of this party in India and Occupied Kashmir respectively. Modi regime tends to seek the domestic political mileage through maintaining the Hindu Status-Quo and counter forcing the political challenges stemming from the Muslim strength in India. Henceforward, a dominant Islamic religion in India is unacceptable to the BJP government. There is another perspective, the BJP attributed as the true recognition of the dominant Hindu community in the political power structure of India and it’s a fact its dominant accomplishment embodied with the Hindu votes. Instrumenting a narrative of peaceful co-existence and inter faith-harmony may result in losing its strong political posture because it would create antipathy and resentments in the ideologically septic fanatic Hindus circles. Secondly, saffron nationalism projection immensely contributes to divert the attention from the domestic social, economic and, political constraints and anti- Muslims rhetoric multiples it is public acceptance in the Hindu community. One of the key objectives of propagating Islamophobic designs is to gain public sympathy and assistance against Pakistan for its misadventures.

“Global peace is directly proportional to the internal dynamics of a state and regional stability. Quite often the internal conflicts have spilled over the impact and cause the regional security vulnerabilities, which further lead to deterioration of global peace.”

Kashmir emerged as an epicenter of Modi’s islamophobia strategies. The deceitfully engineered xenophobic politics, coupled with the provocation of saffron nationalism are the precursors of its anti- Muslim campaign. In an account of this numerous political gambits are designed to attain divergent interests. Firstly, it introduced the “Iron Fist Approach” (revocation of article 370). Secondly, the Modi government introduced a new domicile law for the disputed territory. Thirdly, two prominent pro-freedom parties, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and Jammat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir banned by the government to prevent potential reaction of the forcible imposition of new political laws. A new military doctrine (False Flag Operations, Hypothetical Surgical Strikes) enactment to attain multi-dimensional goals: domestic political mileage, structural marginalization of Kashmiri masses, and projection of the radical Hindutva ideological aspiration respectively.

In the attainment of such endeavors in the occupied territory of Kashmir, the designed policy includes prolonging curfew impositions, extended territorial lockdown, complete communication blockade, and military crackdown (tactical and operational) for detentions of political leadership, journalists, and common masses at large.

The consequences of revocation of article 370 brought a new wave of hostility and coercion in the occupied Kashmir. To start with, a new counterinsurgency operation was initiated in the occupied valley through its oppressive occupational forces and law enforcement agencies. Hundreds of innocent people were assassinated in target killings and fake encounters. Uncountable houses were demolished and public property set on fire, blaming as safe heavens of the defiant rebels. Nonviolent protestors were fired with pellet guns and bullets whereas women molestation and rape cases also increased drastically.

Further on, the agitating circumstances amid Delhi-driven recent political developments to put normalcy (social, economic religious affairs) standstill however pushed the Kashmir into dark ages through caging and disconnecting it from the rest of the world. Ever since the article 370 revocation, the 8 million Kashmiris are being demonized by myriad repressive measures carried out by India to evade the probable backlash and fallout. An unprecedented lockdown, conditionally imposed curfew, communication blockade coupled with militaristic actions, normalization, and rationalization of draconian laws are being ensured through media, security, and intellectual cover fire. Ruthless restrictions have sieged livelihood through hitting an economic soft patch, causing psychological traumatization and political strife.

Likewise, education, communication, healthcare, and transportation are hard-hit sectors by the operationalized tyrant instruments particularly designed to marginalize the Kashmiri populous. .While inside Kashmir, with a pre-emtive strategy two prominent pro-freedom parties, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and Jammat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir were banned by the government to prevent potential reaction of the forcible imposition of new political laws.

Scraping article 370 and announcing new domicile law is the prognosis of the Iron Fist approach to deprive and disempower the Kashmiri people through inflicting saffron nationalism targets. Those political gambits acquaint with draconian laws about the political future of Kashmir proposes that the BJP government is fully determined to bring demographic changes by changing the Muslim majority region into a minority as per the Israel policy framework model of West Bank which seems a gamble to the existence of a state. The rise of the Hindu community in the valley would spark ethnic conflict, while the ongoing quagmire configuration would become more complex and hostile in foreseeable future. The Hindu-Muslim confrontation in Kashmir will have an indefinite domino effect into the rest of the country and it would bring the entire state on to the knees because currently, nineteen ongoing separatist movements pose intimidating challenges to the ethnically polarized Indian state sovereignty. The controversial citizenship amendment act would also catalyze to amplify the ideological and cultural fragmentation.

The accomplishment of global perpetual peace remains elusive in the aftermath of subsequent policies taken by the Modi vis-à-vis Kashmir crisis. In the Political milieu, the Iron Fist approach persuasion through revocation of article 370, controversial domicile law, and revamped military doctrine is a deceitful ploy to dispossess, demonize, and disempower the Kashmiri Muslims. Besides, draconian laws malpractices, and flagrant human rights violations jeopardized the contours of stability and peace.

The complete blackout of internet services and social media apparatus has nothing to do with the laws or security vulnerabilities. There are two certain reasons for adopting this kind of stringent measure. Firstly,  with technological evaluation over the years, social media applications (Facebook, Twitter, U-Tube, and Instagram) have become an effective tool of promoting the freedom of struggle by the indigenous masses and its diaspora across the world through sharing personal views, videos of alleged injustice and mobilization of masses through innovative means (stories, poetry, documentaries, songs ) exposed Indian autocracies. To restrain the criticism by the masses internet suspension is being imposed in occupied territory. Secondly, from the Indian perspective masses, interconnectivity disengagement became essentially vital as it also plays a handful role in mobilizing the protests and strikes, therefore fearing the massive revolt due to the changing political landscape the government snapped modes of communication.

its political forays (revocation of article 370 and domicile amendment) under the shadow of brutal forces to maintain status-quo through structural marginalization of native masses facing massive criticism and squandered its claims of a profound secular democratic state. This unrealistic image further tarnished by its egregious human rights violations and clamp fundamental freedom in the disputed territory.

Amid of entire political and conflictual developments, unprovoked firing and LOC violations by India drastically increased while its media apparatus at home and abroad repeatedly indulged propaganda against Pakistan and fraudulently prove itself innocent in the global arena. Such a tactic orients from two aspects. First, LOC violations remained a consistent tool of Indian turbulent policies and its geographic complexities rescind the plausibility of figuring out the actual perpetrator. Second, escalated hostility with Pakistan at borders, tend to deviate the attention of the global world from the current situation of Kashmir, significantly the illegitimate changes made in the political milieu.

It is evident that the Modi regime Islamophobic designs denting the contours of global peace and peaceful existence. Nevertheless, this myopic approach may inflict un-healing wounds on Indian domestic integrity, and the already delicate foundation of peaceful coexistence and inter-faith harmony may vehemently be wrecked with unprecedented havoc. Promoting religious intolerance, hate crimes against the Muslim community have eliminated the plausibility of unity and cordiality between the Hindus and Muslims. The way Muslims are treated, it is definite that in foreseeable future a massive uprising may erupt, leading India to a rouge state.

Given recent developments, the simmering crisis would further weaken the government, and India may witness daunting challenges due to the eruption of religious clashes between two of its largest Indian identities. Driven by the fascist regime mindset, such ploys would have spilled over impact, and it may lead to global clashes between the two religious communities. The Modi noxious ideas of religious exploitation faced global backlash and proponents of global peace declared it a big threat to Indian sovereignty.

The malpractice of flagrant human rights violations, political victimization, and draconian laws imposition towards the Kashmir erupting escalated violence and it also resurged the rebellious militancy in the Kashmir. Amid such developments, the growing concerns regarding the Muslim identity would spree militancy inside other Indian states.

Under the current circumstances, the global world must intervene in complicit to the sanctity of RP2 doctrine. The international institution must also stand up against the belligerence of the Modi regime Irrespective of their converging interests, the global powers should enforce the Modi government to ensure the provision of fundamental rights of Muslims. Likewise, there is an urgency to the mitigation of the Kashmir crisis to attain peace and stability in the region. A collective effort is required to provide justice and undermine the inequality to the Muslims across the globe.

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