Maldives prime tourist destination

Maldives is one of the most spectacular tropical country of South Asia located in Indian Ocean. The long and narrow country is comprised of 26 natural atolls separatedby deep water channels which are regularly arranged in a unique pattern. Owing to its naturally blessed ecosystem, Maldives has lately emerged as one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. The small island country with its glorious culture, magnificent heritage is rich with noteworthy white sand beaches.
Malé, the capital and most populous city in the Republic of Maldives. Historically, this place carries huge importance as it used to be the King’s Island, from where the royal dynasties ruled over Maldives. Male combines the cosmopolitan architecture with casual islander roots. Candy-colored high rise buildings dominate the marvelous skyline, artificial shorelines attract visitors to the turquoise waters and noteworthy heritage sites await exploration. The island is just 1.7 kilometers long and one kilometer wide, which is home to 100,000 citizens. It is one of the world’s densely populated cities, making it simple to investigate on foot. The whole island can be explored on foot in approximately one hour.

Maldives National Museum
The National Museum of Maldives is situated in Sultan Park in Male, which is known to be former palace of the Sultan of Maldives. The museum houses a huge collection of historical and cultural artifacts, from fragments of royal antiquities to stone objects dating back to the Buddhist era to the reign of Islamic monarchs. It contains several well-kept antiquities of Maldivian culture, including royal antiques, furniture, items of clothing, coins, armaments and embellishments. A visit to the museum takes you on a journey through the rich cultural past of the history of Maldives.
Muliaage is the official home of the President of Maldives. Muliaage is located in close proximity to the Grand Minaret of Male, also known as Munnaru and the Grand Friday Mosque lying in the heart of Male. Muliaage was built in 1919. Its architecture profoundly resembles the kind of buildings dating back to the colonial era in Sri Lanka. The Muliaage is spectacular and grand in appearance and has remained home to four Presidents of the Maldives so far. Unfortunately entry to the Muliaage is not allowed for visitors and one can only admire the building from outside.
The heart-capturing island of Nalaguraidhoo, with its beautiful greenery and exotic tropical flowers in the gardens takes the visitor to the stunning blue sapphire lagoons. Nalaguraidhoo Beaches one of the most frequented beaches in Maldives which boasts of shimmering white sand, clear azure waters and pristine surroundings. Nalaguraidhoois located 62 miles from the Male airport, is the most picturesque and breathtaking island in South Ari Atoll. A visit to Nalaguraidhoo Beach is a must, as its beauty is bound to create
HP Reef
HP Reef, or Girifushi Thila, is referred to as ‘Rainbow Reef’ due to its profusion of brilliantly colored coral reefs. It is located between Himmafushi and Girifushi, one has to travel there by a speedboat which takes about 10 – 15 minutes. It is also known as the world’s soft coral capital. HP Reef lies beside a narrow channel where currents provide nourishment for incredibly rich growth of worth watching soft, blue corals, which are home to a large variety of pelagic and reef fish. The major attractions include a 25m vertical swim-through chimney, large blocks and spectacular caves. Today, HP Reef is a Protected Marine Area in Maldives.

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