Korean President Moon Jae-in & first lady Kim -sook

The glory and grace of the President of South Korea Moon Jae-in and First Lady Kimjung-sook have turned the couple into a well celebrated one not only in the Korean Peninsula but rest of the world also. The couple is very much liked and appreciated for pleasant and glowing look among the Koreans and residents of the other countries too. They met in college in 1974, where he was studying lawand she was a music student. They married in 1981, and went on to have a son and daughter, now 35 and 34 (match up each pair of items in order).After marriage, he gave up her dream of becoming a piano player in order to raise her children, a practice that many South Korean women follow even today. She was her husband’s best supporter, companion and person (who gives opinions about what could or should be done about things) throughout his career as a human rights lawyer, presidential assistant/helper and (fighting force/bad feelings) politician. During his first bid for (time when someone is president/being a president) in 2012, she set up social (reports on news web sites) to (do a series of actions to reach a goal) next to him. Moon Jae-in is married to KimJeong suk.

The couple has two children, a son, Moon Joon-yong, and a daughter, Moon Da hye. Moon Jae-in is the 12th President of South Korea, in office since May 10, 2017. Before running for the (time when someone is president/being a president), he had served as the leader (of fighting) of the Minjoo Party of Korea from 2015 to 2016. Before that, he had participated as the Democratic United Party’s candidate in the 2012 presidential election, which he narrowly lost.

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