Kazakh envoy hosts Iftaar party

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Kazakhstan Barlybay Sadykov graciously hosted an Iftaar party here in the honour of Editor in Chief The Asian Telegraph and a few other selected important figures here in the Federal capital. Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador said that Kazakhstan-Pakistan relations are cordial and leadership of Pakistan always paid great attention to Kazakhstan and its foreign policy initiatives. All presidents and prime ministers of Pakistan starting from Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto visited Kazakhstan either as bilateral visit or within the framework of multilateral forums. He said he is planning to visit various chambers of commerce and industry across Pakistan in order to further intensify our trade and economic relations. He further said tourism was yet another area where both Kazakhstan and Pakistan can cooperate with each other. Mass media, he said, plays an important role in building new linkages and strengthening of bilateral relations therefore I will also reach out to various media outlets in order to promote bilateral relations through this important medium of communication.

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