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Japanese cuisine is familiar for its delightful elusive flavors. Traditional Japanese dishes always look like a work of art. Apart from that, they are extremely healthy as well. Japanese cuisine is loved across the globe. Let us have a look at some of the Japanese dishes.



Sushi is indeed one of the first foods that click in the mind while thinking about Japanese cuisine. After the Meiji Restoration in 1868, sushi was one of the first Japanese dishes to be exported to the US and since then its admiration has gradually increased year after year. The word ‘sushi’ refers to any dish made with Japanese rice that has been seasoned with rice vinegar. Common varieties of sushi include makizushi , nigiri sushi and inarizushi . 



Udon is one of the three main noodle varieties eaten in Japan. udon noodles are dense, chewy, and customarily made from wheat flour and brine water. Udon can be served in different ways but are most commonly used in noodle soups, where they are served in a savoury soup broth with different garnishes. Some of the most common udon noodle soup dishes comprise of kitsune udon , tempura udon and chikara udon.



However, for many western countries, tofu is a health food or vegetarian alternative. On the other hand, in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, tofu is a dish eaten by everybody and is a common part of the traditional diet. It is soy milk that has been coagulated, with the resulting curds being pressed into blocks. These blocks are available in differing levels of firmness.



For all those who likes crispy fried foods, tempura is the best choice for them. Tempura made of pieces or slices of meat, fish along with or without vegetables. If using vegetables then they have been covered in a special tempura batter. Dissimilar in the UK, where battered foods tend to be made from meats and fish, tempura is made from either small shellfish like prawns, or vegetables like green beans, pumpkin, radish, and sweet potato. 



Ramen is a noodle soup dish containing wheat noodles, a savoury broth and toppings of meat, protein, and vegetables. Ramen is one of present-day Japan’s absolute favourite delicacies, costing very little and being extensively accessible in restaurants. Indeed, Japanese ramen is so famous that there is a ramen-themed museum park in Tokyo.



This rice bowl dish is nearly as famous as ramen in Japan. Donburi is a common lunchtime choice for many Japanese workers. The dish is made with meat, fish and vegetables and being served over the steamed rice in large bowls. The variety of ingredients used in the dish include oyakodon , gyudon , tendon and katsudon or tonkatsu. 



No winter in Japan would be complete without oden. The dish is made with different vegetables and meat. It is indeed full of protein diet in cold season. Processed fish cakes, mochi rice cakes, boiled eggs, daikon radish, konjac yam and tofu are used in the dish. It is indeed a hearty main meal and very effective in cold weather.  


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