Indo-Afghan Air Corridor & Pak-Afghan Border Management

India and Afghanistan have established the first air (things carried by a ship, etc.) hallway/travel path as in June this year first aircraft packed with 60 tons of Afghan plants with medicinal uses marked the opening of the first air (things carried by a ship, etc.) hallway/travel path. This effort to begin (doing something) has been made even though Pak-Afghan border used to see a never-before-seen and unmonitored movement of around 50,000 to 60,000 people daily, with more than 90 %) of the flow starting from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Since 2001, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been facing huge domestic security threats mostly coming from the (having no limits, rules, or barriers) movement of fighters across the Pak-Afghan border. Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been in a constant (forever) state of increasing/worsening tensions, which have been mostly due to do not trust; unfulfilled expectations; counter terrorism differences; failure of the peace process with the Afghan Taliban; re-started border arguments and issues (related to/looking at/thinking about) Afghan (people who have run away from their own countries because of bad treatment). More (not very long ago), a spike in cross-border attacks and fights/disagrees along their combined border have led to deaths on both sides and have further broke down/got worse ties into, what may be the worst of Pak Afghan serious problem saw in the past twenty years.

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