Indian Internal Turmoil Escalates As Farmers Start Hunger Strike Against Modi Reforms

Farmer’s leaders sought to step up pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to repeal three agricultural reform laws on Monday by starting a 24-hour relay hunger strike. Modi’s government is urging the farmers to engage in further talks to end a deadlock, which has led to thousands camping on the outskirts of New Delhi for more than three weeks. The protests have blocked roads connecting the national capital with neighboring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, hitting public transport and the supply of fruit and vegetables. “We are going on a 24-hour relay hunger strike, skipping meals, to press our demands of repealing three agricultural laws,” Yogendra Yadav, a prominent protest leader, said.

Modi has defended the laws saying these would help increase farmers income as it would encourage more private investments in cold-stores, procurement and distribution. More than 30 protesters have died in recent weeks, mainly due to the cold as they were sleeping in the open with temperatures falling to 4 degree Celsius, farmer leaders said. Farmers leaders also called upon their supporters to boycott Modi’s monthly radio address.

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