Independence Day of Poland 2018

Polish ambassador Piotr Opalinski and Mrs Jolanta Opalinski hosted a reception to celebrate the centenary of Regaining Independence by the Republic of Poland and the Poliah Armed Forces Day here. The event was co-hosted by Defence Attache Col. Andrzej Stanek and attended by diplomats; members of the Diplomatic Defence Corps; Pakistani armed forces officers and civilians of note, while the guest of honour was minister for Maritime Affairs, Syed Ali Haider Zaidi. The cake cutting ceremony took place after the national anthems of both countries had been played. A video screening of the sights of Poland played continuously as the backdrop of the stage different and interesting as it was expertly filmed, with a 3D, breathtaking perspective that showcased how Poland has emerged from being a war ravaged country to one of splendor. It made you want to plan a trip to the country immediately.

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