First OIC Summit on science and technology

The first summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Science and Technology has drew attention to loyalty to/promise to make science and technology as loved and honored goal in current Century. For it will be a trip back to the extremely important things of our city/people. The Summit appreciated the management of President Mamnoon Hussain and Chairman of COMSTECH in (helping the advancement of) the goals of COMSTECH to the benefit of the Member States by strengthening scientific and (related to computers and science) cooperation among the Member States, especially COMSTECH’s role in ability (to hold or do something) building, policy creation, and putting into use; Technology was held in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 10-11 September 2017 with the theme “Science, Technology, Invention of new things and Modernization in Islamic World”., The President Mamnoon Hussain made two statements; one as a Chairman of COMSTECH and other for the Government of Pakistan and stressed on the need to advance (showing the ability to create interesting new things) thinking in the Muslim World and proposed concrete measures to (accomplish or gain with effort) this fairly and without emotion..He wanted everyone to understand that Muslim Countries must capture and control the (possible power or ability within/possibility of) Science and technology for money-making employment, human capital development and (including everything) growth.

The President made these statements at the time of adoption of orc STI (list of things to deal with/desire to reach a goal) 2026, which is a (written plans for building something) of a (machine/method/way) figured out to build total (of everything or everyone) smart ability in a wide organized row of themes such as food, water, energy, applied sciences, and large huge company projects. The President stressed that the focus on high technology was necessary for Muslim countries to gain (moving ahead or up) in education, science and (process of people making, selling, and buying things), which were falling behind behind other fast developing nations. The adoption of 2026 document and Astana (official, public statement/document with such a statement) is the result of Pakistan’s efforts for the last two years as the Chair of COMSTECH to use science and technology to destroy/permanently remove poorness and create (showing the ability to create interesting new things) and new and interesting strengths as one of the way of thinking/basic truth/rule ways of speeding up the money-based development of developing countries.

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