EU & WWF-Pakistan celebrate Climate Diplomacy Day

Climate change is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, presenting risks to international richness and security. Securing international action in response is a key foreign policy challenge. From 19 June to 2 July 2017, government offices around the world are celebrating Climate Politeness and skill with people Week, with events happening to highlight climate action in the EU and beyond. (meetings to discuss things/meetings together), people (who lawfully live in a country, state, etc.)’ debates, exhibitions, films and social media activities aim to encourage informed debate on after-Paris climate politeness and skill with people. The first German-UK-French Climate Politeness and skill with people Day was held on 9 September 2014. Events held that day in German, British and french missions in over 30 countries highlighted the importance of our climate politeness and skill with people partnership, showed off to people successful climate projects, and drew attention to the need for (happening now) climate action. The Climate Politeness and skill with people Day has been continued since then. Examples from activities organized in 2016 are the exchange organized by the German Federal Foreign Office, the activities of the German government office in Seoul and the EU delegation in Moscow: For its first fifteen years, WWF-Pakistan was a small organization which depended on people for money-based help and honorary scientific input. It was in the late 1980,s that the first formal project for (related to surrounding conditions or the health of the Earth) education was started.

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