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The team of Melange International is pleased to present another insightful Issue of the Magazine that has attempted to bring a wide range of articles and commentaries. The February Issue of the Melange International aims to present to its readers a comprehensive framework on the Pakistan Navy’s efforts to secure maritime interests through enhancing the Blue Economy. The magazine also covers a range of perspectives over human rights violations in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK).

As the world faces major challenges in achieving sustainable economic goals, countries are increasingly emphasising the maritime domain as a reliable option to achieve economic development. The concept of the management of blue resources to achieve a sustainable economy is known as the “Blue Economy”. The term Blue Economy commensurate with the idea of sustainable economic growth and environmental conservation. The need for diversifying sources of sustainable economic growth and development is the need of the hour across the globe.

In this regard, the Editor-in-Chief of the Melange International Magazine, Ms. Amna Munawwar Awan’s commentary, is a coherent and rigorous analysis of the massive potential of Pakistan’s blue economy. Ms. Amna articulates her ideas convincingly in the ‘Big Story’ section of the February-2022 Issue, titled “Blue Economy of Pakistan: An Untapped Potential”. The writer sheds light on the newly adopted National Security Policy of Pakistan by underscoring the need to understand and implement the idea of ‘Blue Economy’ and the significance of achieving our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ms. Amna argued that those nations that focused on oceans and developed their maritime sectors and naval forces emerged militarily stronger and economically more prosperous than those lagged behind. In the same vein, ‘turning blue’ is no longer a question of choice but a strategic and economic necessity for Pakistan in the face of global competition for access to and control of major maritime trade routes. This is least surprising given that the maritime sector is the bedrock of our national economy as 95 percent of our trade and 100 percent of our import of hydrocarbons are transported via the sea lanes.

Besides the Big Story, the second theme covers multiple issues related to the Kashmir issue. The commentary section stresses the international community’s need to play its part in addressing the human rights violations in the IIOJK. Turning a blind eye to India’s violence and state-terrorism in the valley puts into question the efficacy of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) role. Some of the pieces focus on the humanitarian crisis in the Indian-occupied J&K and underline the factors that led to the indigenisation as much as internationalisation of the Kashmir issue. These analyses make an argument to stand for honoring the freedom struggle of the Kashmiris, defending their right to self-determination, and ensuring a just and peaceful regional order. It advocates for putting an end to the Indian atrocities by implementing the relevant UNSC Resolutions. These include the UNSCR of January 5, 1949, which provides the base for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute. The international community is perforce needed to find a solution to India’s intransigent attitude and mitigate the sufferings of the Kashmiris.

Overall, Melange International has tried to do its best bidding to inform our readers about the emergence of the Pakistan Navy as a mighty naval force in the region and stress the benefits of optimum utilization of the marine resources. At the same time, our magazine strives to keep our readers abreast with the significance of the Kashmir issue for regional peace and the international community’s role in this regard. We hope that this Issue will prove to be an important gateway for the interested readers into the role of the Pakistan Navy in securing our maritime interests, along with an insider account and analysis on the current human rights situation in IIOJK.

Happy reading!

Asma Khalid


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