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Happy New Year!
Each New Year gives us an idea to keep up the consistency of our good work, add more energy into the work that we are already doing, or accelerate the progress of our tasks. It is a moment to ponder on approaches and reform our policies to smoothly sail through changing circumstances and address challenges inherited from the past. It is always good to have a fresh, compassionate and evidence-based perspective on important political and humanitarian issues concerning human wellbeing and development.

The global strategic landscape seems to have remained polarized due to the emerging possibility of a Cold War-like situation between the United States and China, where some states might find themselves in a difficult situation and compelled to choose between the two heavily dependent yet increasingly antagonistic superpowers of the world. For sure, many states will, be able to surmount the pressure by asserting their sovereignty and choosing to remain nonaligned, while few others may act as mediators or spoilers pitting one superpower against the other. Thus, strategic autonomy might be a cardinal value and feature in the foreign policy of the middle powers like France, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, and some of the ASEAN countries.

The past year witnessed conflicts, crises and instability across various regions of the world such as the Middle East, South Asia, the South China Sea, and the Korean Peninsula. In this regard, the most significant event of 2021, from a Pakistani perspective, was arguably the US withdrawal from Afghanistan following a peace agreement with the Afghan Taliban. Pakistan stood vindicated on the issue of the resolution of the protracted and costly war in Afghanistan as it had long been campaigning and advocating for a negotiated political settlement of the conflict.

In the last year, the Mélange International Magazine kept you well-informed and abreast with the fast paced political dynamics and emerging geopolitical shifts and transformations, thanks largely to the diverse pool of authors who offer their scholarly invaluable perspectives on a range of important regional and global issues. . No wonder then the Mélange has established itself as a reliable and dedicated magazine, highly regarded for policy research and recommendations based on the rigorous academic inquiry into complex politico-strategic issues concerning states and societies.

Maintaining this tradition, the Mélange has published the first Issue of the year 2022, which contains cutting edge research and analyses encompassing a wide range of themes including strategic and security issues, regional and global political dynamics, energy studies, great power politics and most significantly Pakistan-China relations.

Though widely and generally appreciated for the promise to satiate intellectual curiosity of its readers, the objective of this Issue is to provide the reader with expert understanding and knowledge of the factors shaping the contours of Pakistan-Sri Lanka relations, followed by an insight into the principles and politics of regional integration and trade linkages pursued by regional states and organizations to achieve sustainable development goals. In this regard, the Editor-in-Chief of the Mélange International Magazine, Ms. Amna Munawwar Awan persuasively articulates her ideas and views in the “Big Story” section of the January 2022 Issue titled “Mahinda Rajapaksa: A Visionary Statesman”. The author sheds light on the significant agenda of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to enhance regional cooperation, promote the national industry, increase their capacity to develop new business, enhance tourism sector and communication channels, and infrastructure. Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s promotion of religious tourism has great potential to revive the Pakistan-Sri Lanka cultural affinities and linkages. The article states, “one can find solace and take inspiration from the continued political, security and bilateral economic interaction between the two states.”

In the January 2022 Issue, the authors provide insider knowledge and analysis of the recently held extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Islamabad and underscore the unmatched role of Pakistan in reinvigorating the OIC. It was established to promote cooperation and integration among member states to achieve sustained socio-economic development.

Lastly, the vibrant and dedicated team of the Mélange International Magazine express their utmost respects to the worthy authors for prioritizing and cooperating to ensure timely publication of the magazine. Thank you for reading the Melange International Magazine. We assure you of the best we can offer and hope to honor your trust in our ability to produce a quality substance.
Happy New Year again!


Asma Khalid

January 01, 2022

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Author is Editor of the Melange International Magazine and Research Associate at Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR). Her research interests include South Asian Security and Strategic issues. Her analysis of these issues has featured in national and international publication platforms.