Ediola Pashollari Instrumentally assists & supports youth initiatives locally, regionally and internationally.

Q: What her concept about empowerment of the youth?

Ans: She believes in empowering youth and with that passion she was greatly involved in writing various books and booklets to help the young people be aware of the dangers of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS Pandemic, etc. She had organized various programmes and activities on youth issues at international, regional and local level. She also has delivered a variety of key note addresses, papers, presentations and speeches in different parts of the world on different youth related issues. She has also contributed in the drafting of various youth strategies at regional and international level.

Q: How her contribution in the field of youth development has been acknowledged/

Ans: Her contribution in the field of youth development has been widely acknowledged as she was awarded twice from the Loyola College India; in 2008 she received the ‘Life Time Achievement Legendary Award’ and in 2012 she received the “Life Time Achievement Award”. For her work in African world, she was given “International Ambassador of Youth on Good Practice” from the Youth Parliament in Nigeria in 2010. In May 2012, she was awarded with the “Youth Merit Medal Award” from the Melaka State Youth Council in Malaysia. Moreover, in December 2012, she received the “Devotional Service Medal (PJK)” from the Melaka State Government as well as in April 2013, she was awarded with nine Medals on International Youth Development from the Mongolian Youth federation. Similarly, in May 2015, she was awarded with the Golden Star of Justice from the Mongolian Youth Federation. Recently, in September 2015, she was awarded with the Global Youth ICON Award “An Exemplary and Visionary Youth Leader” by Yuvsatta at the 10th Global Youth Peace Fest, 2015 (GYPF), Chandigarh, India. With the wealth of experience, Ediola Pashollari continues to invigorate the youth through various activities that are held to equip them and provided opportunities to the youth.

Q: What about WAVE?

Ans; WAVE is a membership organization, founded as a 509(a) private not-for-profit institution founded in the State of Hawaii in February, 1991. It hosts the only accrediting commission in the world today consisting of men and women having a demonstrated and certified expertise in entrepreneurship and entreprenology.  This organisation is devoted to excellence in the art and science of creating success in any enterprise, business and community where growth, expansion, profitability and job creation occurs with sustainable healthy results for all.

Q: What about WAVE focus and expertise required to audit and accredits?

Ans: WAVE is the only organization having the unique focus and expertise required to audit and accredits the IUE and this University has been an accredited Member-in-Good-Standing of the Commission of WAVE for more than twenty years.  WAVE is in the process of setting up and launching a Malaysian Chapter of WAVE to embrace the growing numbers of entrepreneurs now excelling in their own enterprises in Malaysia.  WAVE, as a membership driven organization, incorporates the Commission on Higher Education, an accrediting commission and the Professional Certification Board for Vision Engineering and Entreprenology. It is the Board that has created and set the standards for Professional Certification and it is this same Board that awards the professional credentials if and as they are earned through Certification Programs from WAVE Academy and Degree programs from the International University of Entreprenology (IUE).

Q: What about major courses and programs offered by WAVE?

Ans: WAVE offers courses, programs and institutional accreditation, individual professional c certification, and iBusiness 2000 certification developed specifically for entreprenological business entities. What truly makes WAVE unique is the fact that it is the only organization of its kind in the world today that was established specifically to make its programs and services available on a global rather than a national basis. While other recognized organizations are now offering a similar range of programs and services to off-shore schools and institutions on a limited basis none were ever chartered or established to do so. In other words they are inward rather than outward focused.

Q: What is vision of WAVE?

Ans: WAVE has vision to be the primary global resource for visioneers and entreprenologists. WAVE has been established to provide appropriate support for the men and women who are entrepreneurs, and entreprenologists. The Association’s charter makes it clear that its entire range of programs and services are open to entities both in the United States and all other nations of the world. Creative and innovative entities – individuals, organizations, institutions, schools and agencies – are the single resource common to all nations, regions and cultures.  Working together there is nothing WAVE cannot accomplish.

Q: What is mission of WAVE?

Ans: WAVE follows the mission to educate, enlighten and encourage our members to value the art and science of creating success not solely for themselves but for their families and communities, extending the benefits of their creation on a local, national and global scale; to build successful businesses and generate a healthy and abundant standard of living. To shape a connected world community comprised of highly effective and compassionate men and women with the ability and will to embrace change, extend boundaries, cultivate new markets, direct value-driven enterprises, encourage appropriate evolution, gain wisdom through experience, and achieve these things not for the benefit of the few but for the benefit of many.

Q: What are major Economic Hero Series launched by WAVE?

 Ans: WAVE has launched a number of economic hero series namely Certified Micro Enterprise Owner Manager Certification, Certified Small & Medium Business Administrator, Certified Entreprenologist, Certified VisionEngineer, IBusiness 2000 Certification for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and several others through its accredited International University of Entreprenology www.iue-edu.org.

Q: What are main Diploma, Graduate, Post Graduate Programs in Entreprenology?

Ans: Among range of SIGNATURE programs include: principles of entreprenology, the psychology of success, entreprenological operations, gender dynamics communication, conscious leadership, failure management, creative decision making, account-ability, market-ability, vision engineering, finance for the entreprenologist, organizational psychology, cross cultural ethics and the transient competitive edge.

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