ECO to Play Role’Towards a Resource-Efficient & Pollution Free Asia-Pacific

Money-based Cooperation Organization (ECO) has expressed readiness to add/give to (biggest increase/best possible extent) of United Nations’ (UN) hit/effect and clearness (of thinking or speaking) and to act as a (related to a large area) (raised, flat supporting surface) for (getting ready for action) (clearly connected or related) (people who are interested in a project or business) across the area for developing programmes on (able to last/helping the planet) management of valuable things from nature. ECO’s increasing (related to surrounding conditions or the health of the Earth) profile is focused on its plan/purpose to move/change in way of thinking towards identification of common related approaches on climate change and (getting ready for action) useful things/valuable supplies for helpful change and lessening (something bad) related actions. The Money-based Cooperation Organization was established in 1985 as a trilateral organization by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. The expected aim was to (help increase/show in a good way) multi-dimensional (related to a large area) cooperation in a picture/situation to write the conditions for sustained (related to how much money and power people have) (act of something getting bigger, wider, etc.) and to lift up/raise up the standard of living and to develop respect/high place in the life of people belongs to member states. It could only be done through the getting (something) ready for action of the money-based and social (possible power or ability within/possibility of) the area. So the main commute to reach me back and forth/equal between people benefits is to highlight these potentials. The aims and goals of the organization as well as the modes of operation are mostly equal to those of the thing that came before it, the (related to a large area) Cooperation for Development which was set up in 1964 but later ended/stopped in 1979. The Asia-Pacific Religious Summit on (surrounding conditions), ECO Director of Energy; Minerals and (surrounding conditions) Fuad Farzalibeyov made an (action that helps a bad situation) in the senior (people in charge of something) part/section focusing on the need to duly reflect the role of (related to a large area) and sub-(related to a large area) organizations and things/businesses in tackling (related to surrounding conditions or the health of the Earth) challenges in the Religious Summit (official, public statement/document with such a statement) and other (series of events) of the Event. The Asia-Pacific Religious Summit on (surrounding conditions) was both/together organized by the UN Money-based and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and UN (surrounding conditions) from in Bangkok. The Meeting marked an important achievement in combination of two UN religious-level meetings on the health of the Earth/the surrounding conditions, namely tile 7th Religious Conference on (surrounding conditions) and Development in Asia and the Pacific Ocean, and the 2nd session of UN (surrounding conditions)’s Forum of Ministers and (surrounding conditions) People in charge of Asia and Pacific.

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