Each Pakistani became a soldier to safeguard the motherland in 1965 war, General Qamar Javed Bajwa

Pakistan’s armed forces have a brave history and immortal memory with the name of Defence Day. On 6th September there is a public holiday, and the day is attached with emotions of Pakistani people when in 1965 Indian armed forces crossed the border of Pakistan and marched towards Lahore without any official declaration of war. So it was the time when not only soldiers but also the nation of Pakistan was mold into a single power which was strong as like as iron wall.

The Defence day take us in back history where our soldiers sacrificed for the country to save the land of peace from a land of war. From India, Major General Prasad was leading the 15th Infantry Division of army towards Lahore, on the other side Major Aziz Bhatti was commander in the Burki area of the Lahore sector came up with aggressive counter-attack to Indian army near the strategic BRB Canal to stopping their advance towards Lahore, he decided to stay with his platoon under ceaseless cannons and to defend the strategic BRB Canalaggressively for five days during day and night. For recognizing every movement of his enemy, he bravely came up on the front and started directing his gunner’s platoon to fire on the exact location of the opponent. As he was on an elevated position to observe the moves of the enemy and very soon he got noticed from the Indian troops then hit by enemy’s tank shell and get great award Shahadat (Martyrdom) on 11 September 1965. Before a day of his martyrdom his commanding officer sent him a message as he is fighting heroically with no rest from last five days and nights, so he should get little rest and another officer replace to get his position. With the huge spirit to defend his country, he responds to his commander “Do not recall me. I don’t want to get back. I will shed the last drop of my blood in the defense of my dear homeland. In great Valor of Major Aziz Bhati (Shaheed) awarded with “Nishan -E- Haider” the highest Pakistan’s army award. Because loyalty of Pakistan’s soldiers and masses support merged into a single power was resulted in success.

On 6th September 2018 ceremony was held at GHQ Rawalpindi regarding Defence Day

As recently new government took charge and Imran Khan as new elected Prime Minister of Pakistan was the chief guest of the ceremony, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and other higher ranked civilians and military officers also attend the event.While addresssing to the ceremonyPrime Minister delivered a very positive message that both armed forces and civilians are on the same page it is just a myth that army and civilians have conflicts. Army brings us out of the terrorism which is admirable, also Imran Khan very stated very significant message that Pakistan will not be part of someone else war. “We will promote a merit-based system and strengthen democracy,” Prime Minister also talked that Pakistan is effected with the terrorist attack from the day it joined someone else war. Prime minister said “Furthermore, we all collectively will face our problems following the Quaid’s principles of Faith, Unity, and Discipline. Let’s play our role with diligence and devotion for the progress of the country.” Imran Khan conveys the defense day is the best example of national unify of civilians and Pakistan Army. “This year the Defence Day is quite unique because the Armed Forces of Pakistan, keeping in view their magnificent traditions, have achieved standout achievements in the war against terrorism which provided further stability and continuity to the motherland,” Prime Minister added.

Khan believed the whole world observed the passion and enthusiasm of Pakistani public and its forces and mainly there was no any case where sacrificed women, children, elders and the youth of Pakistan given in war against terrorism throughout in the previous 17 years.

Before that General Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff addressed the occasion and promised to end the war next to terror campaign with its very rational end, and Pakistan’s stability will be under a democratic process. Also, the chief gives honor to martyrs 1965 war. “Every Pakistani became a soldier to safeguard the country in 1965 war,” he recalled Pakistan’s army and civilians sacrifices against terrorism fighting. “In our war against terrorism, we have fought an unprecedented war with more than 70,000 martyred and injured,” Army Chief said. “Since 2014, we have been celebrating the Defence Day as the day of martyrs. We will not let their blood go in vain,” Mr. Bajwa pledge.

The Pakistan Army launched the variety of latest arsenals, tanks, weapons, missiles, army helicopters, and cannons being used from engineers, Mechanical plus Electrical body, Air defense of Army, Army service groups and Army medical corps. Everybody is permitted to watch such kind of events by going to the specific allowed places. On the national TV channels, these shows also displayed. Special documentaries and national songs regarding 6th September and the courageous stories of the martyred people displayed on the TV channels.   other special operations of the army for the defense of the homeland and the world is astonished by the technology of Pakistan. The facts are told how people of Pakistan sacrificed in defense and what are the responsibility of every younger and the children who are the future of Pakistan

The brave nations always put their hands together and come on the front line to fight against the evils which extremely harmful for their country and for their society as well instead of pulling legs of each other or to criticize. The Pakistani nation always has a brave history that whenever country needs either to defend the homeland from external enemies or to defend Pakistan from the internal evils in kind of terrorism or others, always civilians and establishment were on the same page.

Published in Melange Intl. Magazine September 2018.

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