Dossier of India’s State Sponsorship of Terrorism in the Region

Government of Pakistan presented a dossier of Indian involvement in the regional terror activities in a press conference held on 14 November, providing incontrovertible evidence of India in promoting, aiding, financing and executing the terrorist activities against Pakistan. Throughout Global War on Terror, India has hypocritically misled the global community by masquerading as a victim of terrorism and accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in the region, whereas the evidence provided in the press conference revealed the connections and ongoing terrorist operations backed by the Indian civil and military administration. The joint press conference presided by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar concluded that “façade has now been removed and the world can seethe real face of India – one blackened by its decades-long state-terrorism in IIOJK and state-sponsored terrorism and destabilization efforts in Pakistan.”

Shah Mahmood Qureshi while unveiling the dossier at a joint Press Conference said that India’s objectives of terror sponsorship in Pakistan include disruption of peace, destabilization of the economy and political instability. He said that Pakistan is going to present this dossier to the United Nations, OIC, P-5 countries and we expect the international community to play its role for peace and stability by compelling India to immediately halt its state sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan and bring to justice all those involved in financing and supporting terrorism inside Pakistan. The Foreign Minister stressed that the international community can no longer turn a blind eye to this rogue behaviour by a state that refuses to adhere to international laws and UN Conventions. He categorically stated that India’s efforts to foment terrorism inside Pakistan will not be allowed to undermine Pakistan’s stability in any way. India is a threat to peace in the region and the major powers must act to prevent India from continued sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan.

Since the beginning of Global War on Terror (2001), the sovereign land of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has faced more than 19,000 terrorist attacks, suffered 83000 causalities, and direct economic losses account for more than $126 billion. Due to Indian state-sponsored cross-border terrorism, Pakistan continues to suffer and there is a drastic increase in the losses. Pakistani authorities have exposed the truth about India’s false flag operations in IIOJK and inside India from time to time. India’s false allegations of human rights violations in AJK and objection of Pakistan’s selection in the UNHRC were exposed when diplomats and OIC fact-finding mission visited the valley and negated the false claims of India. Similarly, the reports of UN Human Rights Council in 2018 and 2019 highlighted the gross violations of human rights perpetrated by the Indian occupational forces and supported by the repressive laws, and denial of the Indian government to allow neutral observers in the valley. Likewise, the masterminds of Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Dargah, and Samjhota Express terrorist cases were granted state protection and acquitted in a complete travesty of justice after having confessed to India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA). Another live example of the state-sponsored terrorism is Indian serving commander Kulbhushan Jadhav who has been caught red-handed in 2016 but Pakistan, abiding by the International law and upholding the standards, allowed him a fair trial. Jadhav, an Indian spy, admitted his involvement in the terrorist activities in Baluchistan province where he fueled the separatist movements to spread terror, subvert, and sabotage the country.

DG ISPR Iftikhar Babar said that the Indian premier Modi is directly overseeing an anti-CPEC covert cell, which has to work since 2015 and started with funding of Rs. 80billion and until now this clandestine operation has created more than 700 operatives and recruited guerrilla force to attack the CPEC projects in the country. He highlighted that the over the period the attacks on the PC Karachi and Gawadar, Karachi Stock Exchange and numerous other heinous attacks were carried out by this splinter cell operating from Pakistan’s neighbouring countries. DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar showed documents proving Indian intelligence agencies’ links with the terrorists involved in subversive activities in Pakistan, especially the plans to initiate unrest in AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan region through sub-nationalist elements. These documents as well as the audio and video clips show bank transactions, equipment support and the Indian intelligence agencies officials’ directions to the terrorists to carry out terrorist acts in various parts of Pakistan.

Tons of evidence has been provided by Pakistan in this recent press conference, including the details of several attacks, names of Indian officials, terror outfits, commanders receiving funding and directions from Indian intelligence operatives for spreading insurgency in Pakistan. Especially the presence of ISIL, AQIS, the UN-designated terrorist outfits fostered by India, unearths the hypocritical claims of India, posing a great deal of risk to the regional peace and security. Similarly, the proofs provided by the FINCEN point out the terror financing and money laundering activities channelized by India’s financial system substantiate the claims of Indian involvement in the regional terror perpetuating activities.

PM Imran Khan has already exposed the saffron terror and pogrom carried out by the RSS-BJP zealots of Hindutva regime against the Muslims of Indian held Kashmir and Pakistan in his speech at the UN General Assembly. The pugnacious threats of BJP politicians to Pakistan and bellicose actions of Indian military regime challenging the sovereignty of Pakistan are live examples of Indian sinister designs for the regional instability. The war-hysteria created by the incumbent premier Modi before this election, luring the two nuclear deterrent nations into a war, along with the statements issued by security officials stating, ‘teaching Pakistan a lesson’ is a signpost of warpath and antagonistic behaviour and foretells India’s spiteful terror campaigns –identified in the recent dossier.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi emphasized that we reserve the right to defend ourselves in every possible way. The details of the dossier reveal the deepening nexus between Indian intelligence agencies and UN-designated terrorist organizations, including Jamaat-ul Ahrar, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Baloch Liberation Army, Balochistan Liberation Front and Baloch Republican Army. He said India has provided funding worth 22 billion rupees to these terrorist organizations in last three years. The dossier carries evidence of Indian intelligence agencies’ funding and provision of weapons, ammunition and IEDs to target Ulema, notables and police officials in a bid to destabilize the country. The Minister said the dossier contains evidence of India’s attempts to undermine China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and a Special Cell is working under the direct supervision of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi intending to sabotage the CPEC.

Pakistan has categorically rejected the denial of Indian Ministry of External Affairs denial about the irrefutable evidence provided by dossier about India’s brinksmanship and state-sponsored terrorism. It is not the first time that Pakistan has provided a record of terrorist launch pads in Afghanistan but it is certainly the first time that the country has revealed the details like names, finances, call recordings etc. coupling Indian involvement in fueling these terrorist sanctuaries in the neighbouring countries and their use as a proxy against Pakistan. Mere denials and refuting statements will not yield any benefit to the country against these hard-facts furnished by Pakistan to the international community.

The coercive Indian policy to undermine Pakistan’s sovereignty and spearheading the islamophobia campaign by tarnishing the image of global Muslims as a terrorist nation will not be entertained by the world anymore, after this dossier of Indian involvement in the terror campaigns since 2015. By referring Pakistan as a perpetrator of cross-border terrorism and using terrorism as an instrument of state’s foreign policy us culpable under international law and should be responded by the stern sanctions by supranational regimes. There should be strict actions carried out by the international counter-terrorism bodies against India now and the world should stand by the facts and hold Indian militant regime accountable for their involvement and patronage of terrorist outfits.

UN should consider this dossier as the ground-research and its counter-terrorism bodies must play their role by defying India using terrorism as a state policy and dismantling the terrorist infrastructure built by India. This policy of spreading hate is resulting in increasing animosities in the region and to reinstate the legitimacy of UN as the only forum of global governance, the supranational regime should take concrete steps against India, which is not only serving as the cradle of enmities but spreading the Islamophobia and hate against the peace-loving religious identity.

We are now presenting irrefutable evidence to the world to demonstrate the Indian state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan resulting in the deaths of innocent Pakistanis and the international community can no longer turn a blind eye to this rogue behaviour” -Shah Mahmood Qureshi.


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