Doner and Gyros now in Pakistan chosen Melange as Brand development Company

Doner and Gyros, a leading international food chain is coming to Pakistan to quench the taste Lover Pakistani’s lust for tasty and crispy international cuisines and foods. Melange Business Consultancy Pakistan, an offshoot of ,I well reputed group of companies, will assist the international food chain in its business. In this connection both the organizations have formally joined hands of cooperation with each other after detailed parleys held in Dubai. A brief history of the Classic Berlin Doner reveals that iln ‘1971, Chef Mahmut Aygun adapted the traditional Turkish Iskander kebab to a more ‘Berliner’ taste.

Aygun was inspired to put the meat in bread to help diners on the go. Moving to Germany at the age of 16, Aygun opened a stall and soon became known as tile “kebab king”. His Berlin Doner is one of the most historical and popular street foods around the world today.

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