Diplomatic Corner Kyrgyz National Day Celebrated

Islamabad-Kyrgyzstan emerged as a sovereign on August 31, 1991 when it got independence from Soviet Union. Since then, the country has been swiftly moving towards development and prosperity. The ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Erik Beishembiev hosted an impressive reception to celebrate 27th anniversary of his country at a local hotel in Islamabad. This glorious event was attended by people from different spheres of life including diplomats, ambassadors, businessmen and civilians. The chief guest on the occasion was Federal Minister for Religious Affair Pir Noor Ul Haq Qadr while other prominent guests were all ambassadors of central Asian countries including Turkmenistan’s ambassador Atadjan Movlamov,Uzbek ambassador Furkat A. Sidikov, Kazakhstan’s ambassador H.E Barlybay Sadykov , Azerbaijan ambassador Ali Alizade , Tajikistan’s ambassador Janonov Sher Ali along with Belarus ambassador Andrei G. ERMOLOVICH (Ph.D) and Turkish ambassador Mustafa Yurdakul. National anthems of both countries were played and cake was also cut by the guests.

The nomination of Nooorul Haq Qadri as a chief guest made this diplomatic event even more prominent and unique. He probably appeared first time in any diplomatic reception. He is an amiable person who takes keen interest in meeting people and exchanging views. He also participated in a dinner hosted in honour of Muslim religious scholars where he delivered speech in Arabic which was translated in Urdu. He has been at the forefront at the national level to demonstrate effectiveness in interfaith harmony

Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada, who always meets people warmly, informed that the Deputy Minister of Economic Affair of Azerbaijan will visit Pakistan next week to explore new possibilities in trade and investment sector.

The participants were engaged in discussion on various national and International issues but the main topic of discussion was the Modi-Putin Summit. One of the ambassadors informed that the agreement for the purchase of the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems was sealed between Russian and India in New Delhi. India and Russian signed eight agreements during Putin’s two-day trip to New Delhi. The S-400 systems’ deliveries to India will begin in the next two years, he added.

Turkish ambassador Mustafa Yurdakul was also present as the leading country of Turkic council to which Kyrgyzstan republic; Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are also members. He informed the writer that Turkish currency which was facing devaluation because of US sanction is now improving.

Noor-Ul-Haqqadri made a speech in which he said that Kyrgyzstan was the first central Asian country to declare its independence in 1991 and emerged as a democratic and liberal reform-oriented country providing a comprehensive program of market reforms.

He further added that it is one of the most ancient civilizations having strong bilateral ties with Pakistan. Kyrgyzstan, he said, supported Pakistan’s membership of SCO and also traditionally supported on international organizations such as UN. He mentioned about the exchanges of high level visits his Excellency Mr. Jeenbekov Sooranbai, the then prime minister and now the president the Krgyz Republic who visited Islamabad on the eve of 13th ECO summit held on 1st March 2017.

On economic relations he said that Kyrgyzstan is the trade partner of Pakistan and exports food items like honey and read beans, leather, wood and metal scrap etc. Kyrgyz ambassador said that Kyrgyz-Pakistani historical relations can be traced back to centuries. On the educational front, he stated that about 2000 Pakistani students are studying in Kyrgyzstan mostly in medical universities. This year the first Kyrgyz-Pakistani International Institute for medical sciences has started its work in Kyrgyzstan.

On Quadrilateral Transit Trade Agreement, he said there is considerable potential to enhance connectivity for regional connectivity with Pakistan. Under the IGA signed in 2008, whose Phase-I is titled ‘Central Asia-South Asia (CASA) 1000’ Pakistan is collaborating with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for import of 1000 MW of surplus electricity. He said that there is a cushion to enhance relations in fields such as Defense, Tourism etc and efforts are also being made to that end. With the will of people and help from Allah the both countries will be able to boost these relations to new heights for betterment of people of their countries.

Since establishment of diplomatic relations, we exchanged presidential visits twice, Pakistani Prime Ministers visited Kyrgyzstan three times, speakers of the Kyrgyzstan parliament visited Pakistan twice and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan paid an official visit to Pakistan once.

Published in Melange Intl. Magazine in November 2018.

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