Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) launched Digital Sargodha and CIT Global for the Sargodha DivisionAmna Malik who is also the coordinator of Sarwar Foundation of Sargodha Division commenced the session by greeting the distinguished national and international speakers and attendees. Ms Malik briefed about the Digitalization of Sargodha Division with District Administration.

Ammar Jaffri, Founder Digital Pakistan announced the establishment of four different initiatives under the umbrella of Digital Sargodha with the collaboration of CIT Global and University Plus. Mr Jafferi highlighted that programs will be related to emerging technologies where more than 100 PHDs will train students in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security and BlockChain. He reiterated that the establishment of Rural Incubation Centers will be equivalent to laying the foundation of entrepreneurship and start-up culture in the peripheral region. Start-Up Pakistan, the project of COPAIR can act as the platform for the facilitation of young entrepreneurs.

Awais Siddique, Project Coordinator COPAIR mentioned the project “Hum Sab Ka Pakistan-A Youth Engagement Program” of COPAIR which envisions to imbibe a sense of kinship and belonging in the youngsters of Pakistan, while also promoting interfaith harmony.

Faisal Wahab and M.A. Jinnah congratulated the COPAIR and CIT for the successful launch and praised the idea of one step- one city. Mr Jinnah stressed that there is a dire need to equip the rural communities with the modern skillset desired in the national and international job markets. An International expert, Bert Ola and Michael Sillion also congratulated Ms Amna and Mr Jaffri for the launch of such great initiatives and there is a potential in such organization to act as the agents of change in the society. They envisioned that success of the Digital Sargodha could be a game-changer as it can link Sargodha Community to CommonWealth, European Union and Belt and Road.

Iram Fawad and Irum Khan discussed the potential of business in the foreign markets by selling the ethnic products of an area in Pakistan, especially from the periphery; such initiatives can amplify the trade of the country such as the International Fashion Club.

Sadaf Khan, CEO SDG Academy and Commonwealth Club offered World Climate School Courses for Pakistan. Amna Malik announced to begin smart building and smart city project as a pilot project in Sargodha City.

Zareen Ammar, Chairperson CIT Global officially launched CIT Global Sargodha Division and Digital School Sargodha, a Five-year program to digitalize Sargodha and its districts. The objective is to provide opportunities to unemployed labour by equipping them with the modern skillset, which is in demand in the national and international markets, along with the awareness and assistance in startups.

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