Decision Making Made Smarter

“It is in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped” – Tony Robbins

We all have to make decisions every day – Miniature decisions like what meal to eat or life-changing big decisions like choosing a career or life partner. Most people struggle making even smaller choices, while a few make significant decisions without a flinch. Do you wonder what makes few people think smarter and make better choices while others just seem to be paralyzed by analysis?

What if you could achieve that level of clarity in thinking and decide faster? How would it feel spending quality time with your friends and family by making effective decisions in lesser time? Imagine yourself being equipped with the necessary tools, tips and tactics to make better choices? Imagine going farther and rising higher in your career and life by making effective and quality decisions.

Som Bathla, an avid researcher and author of multiple bestselling books has come out with his book DECISION MAKING MADE SMARTER – with the sole objective of helping readers to make smarter decisions. DECISION MAKING MADE SMARTER will uncover your struggles, make you aware of your hidden internal traps and equip you with most resourceful mental tools to help you make better and effective decisions.

Understand Challenges in Decision Making and Overcome Them Understand the common struggles people face in decision making and what to do about it. Understand 4 different types of decisions makers and assess where do you see yourself ? Conquer your psychological biases and make better decisions Understand your hidden mental traps in decision making and how they lead to bad decisions (based on psychological research by decision experts) How unconscious associations change our actions and behavior – why tall white male find it easier to become professionally more successful.

Why our autopilot behavior leads to inefficient decisions and how you can use ‘tripwire’ to trigger a better behavior- Why Zappos pays 4000$ to help employees decide leaving their jobs. Make Optimum use of information to make Better Choices How multi-tracking of different alternatives helps you make better decision.

Why a person is actually less likely to buy, if he or she is presented with too many choices- understand the paradox of choice. Understand “elimination by aspects” model to avoid bad alternatives and narrow it down to the best option. Clarify Your Objective, Build Relentless Focus on What’s important Learn How to make your decisions autopilot- by harnessing the power of basal ganglia, your mind’s hidden powerful tool.

Learn how you can use ‘ooching’ to test your decision instead of just relying on predictions.

Published in Melange Intl. Magazine October 2018.

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