CPEC & Development in Education Sector

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the flagship project of OBOR; One Belt One Road project of China’s economic expansion, to connect its market to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa. The project includes various projects of oil and gas, roads, railways, airports, seaports, agricultural and industrial developments in all the areas from which it will pass. It will bring national integration to the Pakistani nation in broader terms if it is implemented properly. The most important part of it is the development being done in the education and health sector. Health sector includes medical facilities for the local population.

The education sector includes the building of universities for professional education, the establishment of various research and development wings, and technical education and training for building manpower. The Chinese infrastructure development teams will work for assistance and training of Pakistan’s manpower until they will get properly trained to run those projects independently. Rumors of Chinese colonization and hegemony are mere myths. There is a Chinese proverb that says “Catch me a fish and I will eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I will eat for a lifetime”. Under China Pakistan Economic Corridor, China is letting Pakistan learn how to catch fish and eat the fish for a lifetime.

Under CPEC, China will shift its heavy industry to Pakistan, its technical staff will train Pakistani labor to manage and run those industries. Thus, people of Pakistan will get a good chance of earning their livelihood in many other ways. China has been known to create multiple employment opportunities for its people, it created multiple means of employment for Chinese people. China’s drastic industrialization made it the biggest stakeholder of the global economy. similarly, Pakistan is also expected to follow China’s path under CPEC. CPEC is a lifetime opportunity. Only those nations prosper, who take advantage of opportunities provided to them by Allah Almighty. People of Pakistan should take full advantage of this opportunity under CPEC. This will also bring economic stability and national integration to Pakistan.

CPEC is destined to bring huge educational benefits for the youth of Pakistan. There were insecurities about the future of CPEC, as the new government was expected to halt the projects, which has been commonly seen in the past. But they responded wisely and gave a thrust to the developmental projects done under CPEC.CPEC is making ways for development of educational excellence under china Pakistan educational cooperation. With numerous university collaborations, establishment of research think tanks, it is promoting opportunities for studying abroad not only for Pakistani students but also for Chinese students.

Recently NUML university signed an MOU with a Chinese university.at the primary stage collaboration with Chinese universities has been proposed. The collaborations will provide way for further linkages and intellectual exchange of faculty and students. This economic interdependence is the stepping stone for faculty exchange, training and thus upgradation of Pakistani academia. Several research collaborations are being made by Pakistani and Chinese research scholars. For Pakistani students it will fulfill the dreams of Pakistani students to study abroad. Here it is worth discussing that china not only generously give acceptance to Pakistani students on priority basis, it also enables them with research trainings and offers huge scholarships.

Pakistani students are being kept at high priority when considering admissions in Chinese universities huge number of Pakistani students, including young girls are studying and living in Chinese universities pursuing studies up to doctorate degrees. This will increase the literacy rate of Pakistani youth, their employment in the local as well as the multinational organizations. Thus, giving benefit to Pakistani youth in the long run.

It is also commendable that China is safe and peaceful for Pakistani students as compared to other countries. Regarding our social and cultural values, it too has a unique, strong and Asian family system, which can be easily observed in their public behavior. Most of the youth get married at early twenties, have perfect families, study and work round the clock. The nation has a unique tireless behavior towards their national growth. Everyone seems to be playing his/her role for the uplifting of their national image.

There is no gender disparity, women and men work hard on equal basis and many of the businesses are being run by females in their houses and small industrial units at their homes. This behavior will also empower the Pakistani youth and especially Pakistani women to also get higher education, get good jobs, do businesses, seek financial independence, empower themselves, empower their families and ultimately empower the national image of Pakistan. The developed nations like japan, Germany, have women who are equally educated to men and contribute to national uplift and prosperity of their countries. China, thus will also bring a change of national behavior towards the education of all segments of life.

Under CPEC the most important intellectual exchange will be brought about under research and development in science and technology. Pakistan lacks behind the participation of its youth in this specific position. Which is going to be very important soon in terms of security and seeking information of the world outside of this globe. With so much advancement in the drone technology, there is also an urgency of establishing the departments of information technology on the pattern of Chinese universities, who have achieved the height of information technology in military technology, drone technology, stealth technology, and now have set eyes over the space technology. Similarly, the departments of biotechnology and medical research also need special assistance. Thus, CPEC is a complete package for participation and development in multiple sectors for the Pakistani youth and for the future generations. It completely depends on the potential of Pakistan government in discovering those new arenas of growth, and the related ministries, academia, students and all stakeholders to get maximum profits of CPEC’s second phase.

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