COPAIR Launches E-Women Annual Report 2017

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) has launched E-Women Annual Report 2017 at Capital House of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry on International Women’s Day 2018. Ms. Amna Malik President of COPAIR and Founder of E Women briefed regarding achievements and impacts of E Women Program. She also presented a copy of the Annual Report to Mr. Ghazanfar Bilour President of FPCCI.

According to the Annual report, E Women is a project of Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR).This project was the brainchild of Ms. Amna Malik, President of COPAIR, to work on reducing the digital divide by linking rural women products to the national and international market. E-Women is a guideline and implementation program to work on gender equality by giving online legal assistance and economic empowerment to women by starting their business using ICT tools. The basic concept behind this initiative is to work on Women Empowerment so that women can contribute in a better manner in the economy of a country while realizing their basic human rights. Programs like E-Skill, E-Education, E-Tourism, E-Health, E-Legal, Volunteer Services are the main focus under the umbrella of E-Women initiative.

Impact of three years E-Women program is also included in the Annual report. In 2015 Ms. Amna Malik, Chairperson of COPAIR and Head of E-Women Program has led the awareness campaign and travelled to different parts of Pakistan. The campaign was designed to create awareness among masses about Women’s rights, Opportunities for women in their respective areas in order to connect them to the right organizations, as well as enlightened them to use ICT tools to reduce poverty.   The campaign also covered training, mentoring and other support offered through E-Women Program (Education, Health, Peace and interfaith harmony, Legal).

The massive campaign had interactive sessions, seminars, workshops conducted in different parts of the country. Meetings were arranged with government organizations, local and national politicians, local non-government organizations (NGOs), civil society, local community, lawyers and chambers of commerce & industry. The government organizations which were taken onboard were Dar-ul-Aman, Social Welfare Department and Department of Education. Several sessions were also held in colleges and universities.

In 2016 E-Women campaign reached at global level and established connection with international organizations.  E-Women campaign made its representation at different forums like Women’s Forum Global Meeting ’17 in Paris, SWEC conference Sri Lanka, International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) Souled etc. A meeting was organized with IFWA to brief them about E-Women program. A visit was arranged to Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. When it comes to the pragmatic approach, MoU was signed with Lux Design to introduce E-Women products in European Markets; another MoU was signed with CEO of UAE Business review in order to introduce MENA region products to E-Women forums. Participation in Annual Investment Conference to confirm involvement of E-Women products in Conference and Expo 2020, participation in Web Summit, Liaising with IDHS UK for E Health project were the practical step being taken. E Health Pak will get support of IDHS UK to provide better E Health solutions especially with reference to the mother and child health. A meeting was held with South Korea’s Minister of Gender whereas MoU was signed with Ms. Ghada Saba who is an international producer and director to seek her support to direct and produce the documentary on Women empowerment and to introduce E-Women products in Europe.

In 2017, the key focus of COPAIR was the expansion of E-Women program. E-Women program has shortlisted few districts of Pakistan to run different projects for the empowerment of women. In the same year, E-Women program promoted Salt products, Accessories and Designer Jewelry of women. Last year E-women held series of seminars with women Vice President Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), furthermore MoU’s were signed with Punjab Small Industries and developed a five year plan, with CM Punjab Youth Initiative as well as with Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Pakistan. Interactive sessions with different embassies also remained part of the schedule. Under the framework Startup Pakistan policy dialogue was organized in Collaboration with GEN Pakistan.  Global Entrepreneurship week 2017 was also celebrated. There were also many small initiatives which included supporting women with development of business websites.  Launching of E-Women training manual, collaboration with TEVETA and NICON for E skill Project, organizing a Roundtable Conference on role of Women Parliamentarians were also part of the activities. ICT for Girls: Launching of Schools in Sargodha and Shah Allah Ditta, launch of Women National Business Agenda, Melange- Aspire Investment forum along with organizing a medical camp were also few of the evident initiatives. Inauguration of Rawalpindi Division Women Artisan Exhibition, Participation in Seminar on women Empowerment organized by Agha Khan Rural Support Program, Participation in the Seminar on “Forced Marriages of Women” organized by the district Government of Gujrat and Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan, Visit to Hamara Ghar School under of ICTs for Girls initiative of E-Women, representing E-Women project in the Seminar organized by Aizan Foundation and Agha Khan Rural support program and along with signing MoU with Pakistan Greek Business Association were the proud practical inventiveness by E- Women.

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