Constructive, Rewarding Collaboration between Malaysia & Pakistan

Pakistan Malaysia diplomatic relations took a turn with Malaysia’s reorientation of foreign policy on the framework of Islamic solidarity. Malaysia became more vocal on issues relating to Muslims over the world and made concrete efforts to help poor Muslim countries in socio-economic development. Politically, Malaysia openly defied international political correctness by bringing out sensitive issues regarding the Muslim world.

In the war against terror, Pakistan and Malaysia responded to the occasion according to the intricacies of their internal conditions and the international solidarity against terrorism. The commonality in the internal situation in Malaysia and Pakistan include the presence and functioning ofsekolahpondok in Muslim society in Malaysia corresponding to that of the madrassahs in Pakistan displaying the deeply entrenched Islamic belief systems. September 11, 2001 in many respects forced Malaysia and Pakistan to seek out mechanisms of cooperation in the war against terrorism. Both the Pakistani and Malaysian government became strict towards security issues in order to root out radicalism from its soil.

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