China reviews progress on CPEC projects with Pakistan

China has reviewed progress on the ongoing infrastructure and energy projects being carried out under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with top Pakistani political leadership; the provincial chief ministers too. Both countries held consultations with main focus on industrial investment, new transportation projects and the next phase of Karakoram Highway (KKH).

At the platform of 6th China-Pak Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC), Chinese authorities in principle granted approval for inclusion of three energy projects in CPEC including the Karachi Circular Railways, Keti Bandar and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). The JCC decided to give an SEZ to every province, including Sindh, which would have the Dhabeji SEZ and two to Balochistan. The JCC asked Sindh government to work out a detailed plan and feasibility of the project to formally approve it.

The Pakistani delegation led by Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal while the Vice Chairman of National Development and Reforms headed the Chinese delegation. Ahsan Iqbal , addressing the 6th JCC meeting, appreciated the Chinese commitment to help and start the mass transit railway project in the provincial headquarters which will provide great facility to millions of people in Pakistan.

In addition, Minister appreciated the consideration and inclusion of projects proposed by the provinces in infrastructure and energy to harness different opportunities and development in various parts of Pakistan to distribute fruits of CPEC to all provinces and regions.

The JCC asked the Sindh government to present a feasibility report within next three months. JCC also deliberated on option of financing of $1 billion for the completion of the three projects under the CPEC; three additional routes related to the western route of the CPEC.

The involvement of provinces in JCC with full spirit will help to complete the CPEC projects on fast pace said by the minister. CPEC is the biggest project under China’s One-Belt One-Road initiative that will unite the entire region. Under CPEC, $30 billion worth projects have been implemented and with the addition of new projects investment in CPEC will further increase.

CPEC economic zones will generate investment and employment opportunities for the country Pakistan because eight Industrial zones will be set up in all provinces of the country. For the security of Chinese companies working on CPEC a new security force has been formed. China and Pakistan together will defeat all anti-CPEC forces and participation of high level officials from the provinces in JCC is the symbol of national unity and commitment.

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