BRICS Declaration, Indian Propaganda

Almost all the clear and sensible and realistic analysts have been wondering over Indian celebrations over BRICS’ (official, public statement/document with such a statement) naming some possible Pakistan-based terror networks that are already on country’s list of blocked/forbidden outfits. Chinese President Xi jinping opened the once-a-year summit of BRICS’ leaders with an aim to underline Beijing’s claim to developing-world leadership. The member states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa gathered in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen hoping to counter statements (that someone has done something bad) the grouping was becoming unrelated/unimportant. As part evil and cruel Indian (talk or information that tries to change people’s minds), Indian Joint Secretary External Affairs Ministry Preeti Saran spoke in a media briefing saying that for the first time (in a BRICs (official, public statement/document with such a statement), there had been a clearly stated/particular listing of terror organizations. Saran said Modi had talked about/said the need to both/together fight terror at the restricted session of BRICs leaders on Monday morning. The Indian PM proposed a (machine/method/way) to fight spreading (process where someone starts believing that extreme things must be done now to change the world) and added that India could host an international (meeting to discuss things/meeting together) on the issue. However, she didn’t answer a question on whether the naming of Jem as a terror group by BRICS would lead to its chief, Masood Azhar, being sanctioned by the UN Security (group of people who advise or govern). India called bracketing LeT and LeJ with worldwide terror groups like Islamic State and al-Qaeda as a significant polite/ (to improve relationships with people) win in India’s efforts to fight against cross-border terrorism. Getting China – in China – on board in a statement that refers to Pakistan-based terror is important since they had resisted the same at last year’s summit in Goa.

On the other hand, according to analysts and (people who are watching something), there was nothing in the BRICS (official, public statement/document with such a statement) to make happy Indians. A number of Pakistani and Indian experts said this does not signal any big difference in Beijing’s policy on Pakistan, one of its closest friends as BRICS (official, public statement/document with such a statement) was positive as, instead of insulting any state on the wish of another state and singling out any country for punishment/criticism, the (official, public statement/document with such a statement) strongly criticized almost all key terrorist elements without any (unfair treatment based on skin color, age, etc.) that present/cause threat to peace in the area. The statement also talked about/said TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan), the terrorist group which has carried out most of the attacks inside Pakistan and which Islamabad claims of having proof that it is being supported by Indian and Afghan intelligence (services businesses/government units). Responding to India’s (talk or information that tries to change people’s minds), Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang watched/followed that BRICS countries have shown their concerns to the violent activities raised by these organizations. These organizations arc all sanctioned by the UN Security (group of people who advise or govern) and have a significant hit/effect for Afghanistan issue. More than that, the word TTP was used in the (official, public statement/document with such a statement) on the insistence of China to keep the word Pakistan out. China had last week ruled out any discussions on Pakistan’s (related to fighting terrorism) efforts at the BRICS Summit in Xiamen. Beijing said it would not be the right/the proper topic to be taken up by the group.

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